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Friday, June 2, 2017

Happy Friday Friends! I am back with another edition of Friday Letters. Hope you enjoy! 

Dear God, Thank you for another week on this planet. I know you are in control of everything and I am putting all my trust in you. Thank you for listening to my prayers. 

Dear Brittany, I can't always drop everything for you. I know that I have almost every time you needed something. But there are yesterday when I just couldn't do that. That doesnt mean I don't love you. That doesn't mean I am not there for you. It simply means I could not do it. I have loved you from the second I found out I was pregnant to know and every moment in between. Don't ever forget that but understand sometimes I will say no. 

Dear Ryan, I love you sweetheart. It's crazy how people make stuff up about us...about our relationship...about you. It must be hard for some to realize we are together because we want to be together. I love the life we are building and I am so excited about our baby. We are so intertwined and have been since we were in kindergarten. Maybe no one will truly understand but who cares. Thank you for loving me back.

Dear Jackson, I am so happy you are getting some time with grandma. I hope you are making a ton of great memories.  love you so much and I am sorry if I ever made you feel less than at times. I am not perfect but I am very thankful you are my son and I wouldn't change it for anything. 

Dear Laura, You mean the world to me. I know it's strange to some. But you are one of my kids rather people like it or not. I am proud of you. I am proud of how strong you are. I am proud of how hard you work and shuffling kids back and forth. I love you and I will always be there for you and the kids until my last breath. 

Dear New Baby on the Way, helllooooo. I can't wait to meet you. I think you are the same baby...same soul that has been trying to come into the world since 2003. I have thought about you everyday for years. I have asked for forgiveness on so many levels and maybe just maybe with you on the way now, God has forgiven me for my mistakes. I am so excited to welcome you to our loud crazy life. We will love you forever and I can't wait till you are in my arms. 

Dear Mom, thank you for being so supportive. I know you love me. I know that you support me. I really would be lost without you. 

Dear Laci, its been nice talking to you here lately. We need to make time for each other more. I am so happy you are in love and happy! 

Dear Shanna, it breaks my heart what Emily has been going through. I know she has been in a lot of pain....BUT I know it will pass and she will be ok....better in the coming years. I love you guys. You are also my family forever. 

Dear Zane, I think about you often. I hope you are doing ok. I know you miss your dad and a part of me misses him too at times. I know you are smart and strong. Remember, you still have a big future ahead of you. I also hope to send you something special sometime in the near future. Brittany and Jackson ask about you all the time and miss you too. 

Dear Dad, I miss you everyday. I wish you were here. I wish I could put this new baby in your arms. I wish I was sitting around the kitchen table with you laughing. I wish we could listen to your war stories. I wish I could talk to you about everything. I mean I kinda do already but I really do anything just to get a few minutes of your time. I can't wait to see you again one day. 

Dear Jerred, you are my family as well. I hope you are ok...actually I hope you are better than ok. Your family and kids miss you. I hope you come home and really change your life for the better. We love you. 

Dear Blog and Youtube friends, as you can see, I only have the people who mean the absoutle most to me on here today. No long ramblings about Donald Trump or things I hate. Instead just love. And really you guys have helped me focus on just the good so thank you. I love you guys. The amount of support compared to the misinformed haters is leaps and bounds. Thank you thank you thank you. I love you guys right back. 

Thanks for stopping by today. New video coming soon! xx

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