Week in Review w/ DITL Vlog! Nashville, Tennessee

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hi friends! I hope you are having a great day. I know that this week in review post is going up a bit late but we have all been dealing with the sniffles around here. Actually that's a nice way of putting it because I feel like all my senses in my body are being assaulted by the flu bug. I just haven't felt good enough to do hardly anything let alone post on my blog. But I feel a little better at least right now in this moment so I thought I would share my latest video. Here's how this past week went. Hope you enjoy....more is below! 

The beginning of the week went pretty normal. The mornings came with the sound of the alarm for both of us. We both worked a lot and played very little. There are some days when all I seem to do is get up and go to work and sleep. It's kinda different now not being home all day everyday. I don't really mind it really either. I like my job and I enjoy seeing the customers. So many of them come in everyday so they are quickly becoming friends. I actually feel blessed to be doing what I was so scared of. I am no longer nervous about working outside the home. I am no longer scared how I would live without Scott. I have had to pick up the pieces and put my life together on my own. I have had the help of amazing family and friends but it's really been me that has had to take ownership of my own life. It's been a long road but I am finally feeling content, safe, and somewhat on a regular schedule again.  However, we switched the routine and schedule up this past week. Ryan wanted to do a weekend getaway trip to Nashville, Tennessee. He was just ready to get away and cut loose a little. So in the middle of the week, we packed up the car and took off on a little road trip. 

We talked all the way there. I know so many of you want to get to know him better and want to see him on film more. I am just not sure that will really happen. He's much more private than I am and he didn't sign up to be on youtube. I have to respect that. Which is why you don't see him very much in the videos. I am not hiding when I am recording. He watches me edit each video and know's exactly what I am sharing. When or if ever he is comfortable being in the videos, I will share more. 

We stayed at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel. Its a big hotel and our room was really comfortable. I complained about not having enough hot water once, but that was it. We both liked the hotel. There is a big history about Maxwell House Coffee which was nice because I don't mind that kind of coffee. They had it stocked up in the rooms and it's the only coffee they served. And it was yummy! 

All through the hotel there is pretty cool art work. I loved walking around looking at it all. It was a charming place to be. 

 Image result for millennium maxwell house

We walked around the city. We enjoyed the night life that Nashville offers and just acted like tourists! I really enjoyed the break from real life. I love that he planned it. I love that he wanted me to go with him. I love that we made a lot of great memories. And I love that he wiped out his phone and snapped this photo of us. 

Ryan just is not that comfortable in front of the camera. I am trying to slowly change that. :) This wasn't a huge big vacation. This was a little weekend getaway and we both had a great time. However, I was feeling so sick from Friday on. I just had to take a ton of meds and I tried to not let it ruin the weekend. Ryan started feeling sick too. I think my little grand kids gave it to me, and I gave it to him. Needless to say, we were both happy to come home and rest. And even today, I am still dealing with the flu. :( 

To Do's

:: Laundry. 
:: Get PO Box taken care of 
:: Bath and Groom kitty cats
:: Go to rental office and take paperwork
:: Help Laura start packing. She is moving too! 
:: Clean up files on laptop
:: Organize frig and freezer to make more room. 
:: Do nails
:: Try to record new Q & A

A little inspiration to take with you this week:

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are having a great week. I love you guys. xx 

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