Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hello friends! I hope you are getting a good start to your day. Here is another edition of Tuesday Truths. Hope you enjoy. 

* I was up at 515am yesterday and guess what!? It was the same time this morning. It's not easy. It's really not but it's worth it. It is what I am suppose to do so guess what...I am doing it without complaining most days! 

* I've had a headache for a couple of days. It's not been terrible but I wish it would go away. 

* Today was national pancake day! Did you know that?

We didn't have pancakes as a special today...but we should have! However, I sold so many just letting everyone know what today was. I am sure the cook was probably ready to kill me but it just made breakfast a little more fun! The customers thought so too! 

* The neighbors have been a little bitchy. They have been loud and slamming doors. I don't really like it and I wish it would stop. 

* Romeo meows all the freaking time. It drives me nuts in the morning. It's quiet in the mornings and he just disturbs the peace! 

* I watched the voice last night and I totally loved it. Ryan sat through every minute of it too! I love music and the show just makes me happy. 

* I am going to talk politics about Donald Trump. Just deal with it right wingers. I have some thoughts this week for sure I want to bitch about:

          - The Donald is now claiming that President Obama (personally??) wiretapped his phones at Trump Tower. These tweets are being called “baseless,” stunning and paranoid.

          -  The White House wants Congress to investigate what Trump tweeted about, not the fact that Trump is an unhinged madman with access to Twitter. Congress doesn’t know where to start or what to do next.

          - There is no evidence of this what's so ever and Trump seems to be in total meltdown mode. 

          - I just want to yell at everyone who voted for him. What did you do? Really what did you do? Put a maniac in the White House makes sense. I'd like to know how in the hell you came up with that? You guys should be ashamed and I wouldn't ever admit to casting my vote for that idiot. 

* Casey Anthony is back in the news saying she sleeps well. I guess she does. She got away with killing her daughter and is free....not rotting away in some prison like she should be. What a evil pos. 

* I forgot to post my wir. Gosh. I guess that is coming next. So much for schedules and order! Monday's post will be after Tuesdays. The story of my life. 

* Ryan and I came home and cleaned house for a bit. It wasn't bad but we needed to pick it up. I haven't had a day off in a while and the help was nice. And now the house feels much better. 

* Its been raining for days. I don't really mind unless I am wearing pants that are a little too long and they get soaked. Which happened the other morning. It took forever for it to dry and they just made me cold. But I am hoping that all this rain brings beautiful grass and blooming flowers! 

Image result for rain gif tumblr

* I really wish the arguing in the YouTube comments would stop. Thank you guys for being so kind and sticking up for me but responding to mean people normally does not help. I try my hardest to just ignore it all. 

* I need to pick out all the photos for the gallery wall I am working on. It's different now with Scott not in my life. I guess it will be mostly of the kids and animals. Plus maybe some other photos of places I have visited and loved. And I also want a poster size photo of Romeo! 

* I am thinking about going and getting my nails done. I hate hate hate doing them myself. I figure it wouldn't cost that much and be worth it. We'll see. 

* I dream of a country house where I can have dogs...maybe an outside kitty cat. A garden. We are looking and I pray something comes up. I don't want to live in town. I want to find the right house and move. 

* I was laying in the front of the bathtub where the faucet is...it's deeper on that end and I came up out of the water and raked my shoulder up the faucet. It left a terrible mark and hurts like hell. The older I get the more my body hurts so I need to start being more careful. It hurts like hell. 

I hope you had a great day! I will work on the week in review and get it up soon! xx


4 comments on "Tuesday Truths"
  1. Hi Kisha. You may want to review some of the comments on your most recent youtube vlog. The language in the comment section is vile and vulgar. It would be deemed most appropriate to disavow such conduct in an effort to demonstrate that such bullying and vulgarity isn't condoned by you. Best wishes and keep vlogging!

  2. Hi Kisha! Good to see you vlogging again.

  3. Kisha, the pancakes look amazing!!! So good to see you happy!

  4. As a right winger who is not ashamed of who I voted for... I will say I love you and your videos enough to look past the Trump bashing. :) :) :)


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