Looking Back and Reflecting January & February 2017 w/ Video

Friday, March 10, 2017

Hi friends! In a effort to catch up on this blog and with my youtube videos I am sharing a new month in review video and blog post. It's really month'(s) because I am reflecting from January of this year to the current day. However, at the end of March I will have another with more detail about this month. Here's the video and there is a lot more below! Hope you enjoy! 

Seeing:  a lot more of my family and friends. It's the reason I moved home and I am blessed because of them.
Making:a lot more decisions with Ryan in mind. I guess I had sometime to just be on my own first and now his wants and needs are back to being important in my life. Who would have thought? 
Cooking: less but more if that makes sense. We don't cook every night but I am cooking more than what I was. 
Drinking: everything I shouldn't be. However, I have been getting a lot more herbal tea. 
Hearing: Romeo every morning. As soon as I open the bedroom door, he just starts meowing and doesn't really stop until you really acknowledge him. 
Wanting: more hours in the day. 
Looking: forward to what is ahead. I am actually excited about the possibles of the future. 
Playing: a lot of country music in the car and in the house. 
Wasting: too much money on random things. It seems like it's gone too fast. Gotta work harder and save more. 
Bookmarking: not that much really. 
Understanding: that I don't get to know God's plans before hand. I have to wait and go down the paths he chooses. And try to grow stronger because of it. 
Wishing: for a country house. That was my dream when I moved here and it is still my dream. When the right home comes along, I am moving. 
Touching: Ryan all the time. I love his body. That might sound juvenile but I really do love it. I am touching him all the time.  
Enjoying: my job. I really do like it 99% of the time. But I need more hours. I need more money even though I am going on vacation soon! :)
Waiting: on a new normal routine. Right now I just don't really have a routine at all. 
Planning: so so much. I think I should dedicate a new blog post to that subject alone. 
Liking: all the new movies we have been watching. It's not as many as it might seem but I have been enjoying the downtime. 
Wondering: what direction Brittany will take with college. It's not easy deciding at such a young age. 
Loving: being back in Indiana. My life is so much for full being here. I don't hate it anymore. 
Hoping: Laura finds a house that really works for her. 
Hating: my headache that has been lurking around for a few days. 
Needing: love, compassion and support. 
Smelling: Hawaiian scented air freshener. Ryan loves it and sprays it all the time. 
Wearing: comfy clothes. Sweats, and the shirt in the video above with a sweater. 
Pinning: nothing really. :(
Teaching: myself about budgeting better. Not easy but really trying. 
Noticing: all the bullshit that goes along with Donald Trump. I am so tired of hearing about him at this point. I seriously watch CNN less now because I just don't want to see his face daily.
Tasting: chicken nuggets 
Knowing: that life continues and goes on rather you like it or not. 
Thinking: that I have to start working out soon. 
Opening: the windows a lot more when the weather is nice. I love the fresh air. 
Giggling: a lot more with Ryan in my life. He was always the class clown and he's a clown around here a lot too! He makes me smile and laugh more so much. 
Feeling: tired and achy really. I am getting older and my body feels it. 
January & February: hard, sad, complicated and ugly. January was the hardest and I thought it might be a bad omen on 2017 but it has slowly gotten better. I think everything that my family and I have been through was some of the most trying times but we all have grown from it as well. Each day there are new lessons...new goals...hopes. I just have to keep moving forward because at the end of the day, I am still here with my beautiful children watching my family grow and evolve. 

Thank you for stopping by and visiting. I really hope you enjoyed the video and blog post. I feel like I am slowly starting to catch up. I love this blog and I love you guys! xx

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