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Friday, March 31, 2017

Hello friends! Welcome to another edition of Friday Letters. Hope you enjoy! 

Dear God, thank you for protecting my family and listening to my prayers. I don't understand everything you do, but I am trusting you to get me through this life in the best ways possible. 
Dear Gmail Inbox, I totally killed you this week! Even though I know by tomorrow you will be full again, it feels good being caught up! 
Dear Ryan, watching you sleep right now while I woke on the blog just makes me happy. I love you are in my life. I know many people don't understand us. That doesn't matter because WE understand us. I love you sweet boy. 
Dear Chocolate Caramel Brownie Mix, you are proving to be so much better then the brownies themselves! I know that's usually the case, but your soft rich chocolate taste has been exactly what I need last night. And Ryan loved you too! :)
Dear instagram lovers, I am so happy that we are friends! I don't know why I am so obsessed with liking what you ate for dinner or wore to work, but I am! and also your likes make my day. the end.  
Dear Brittany, I am so glad you had a good time on your trip. Make time for your mother please. I love you! 
Dear future, I really am feeling high on life lately, despite a few curve-balls thrown pelted my way, but I am really excited to meet you, and I hope we can make sweet memories together!
Dear Romeo, you have this amazing power to make everyone fall in love with you. It's your gift! 
Dear Camera, I have got to get you out and get some videos made! Gosh...I feel so behind sometimes. 
Dear new acrylic nails, funny enough after all my complaining about having to re-learn texting and the clicking on my keyboard, I kinda miss feeling like a lady and not a 12 year old boy with no nails... Maybe we could be friends again?
Dear Jackson, I promise I am making all the calls and setting up all your appoitments. You run me non stop but I love you so much. 
Dear mr cold, no offense but I hope you and I never meet again. it was clear you didn't like me, and therefore I really didn't like you, so I think our parting was for the best all around don't you?
Dear Laura, I know I have already told you but I am so proud of you for making the big decision to live on your own. I know it's a bit scary but I think you will be in love with how free you will feel....just like I do! 
Dear Etsy, You are one of my favorite places to shop. I could get lost within you for hours on end!
Dear Rain, I love the sound of you coming down. The news said you would be starting around 3 pm and its now 10:14pm ( Thursday night ) and you finally started. I hope you rain all night. 
Dear bills, I don't know what I said to make you think that we were friends, but please stop just showing up in my mailbox uninvited. Its a little rude when you think about it...
Dear Scott, I think about you all the time. I still can't believe everything that happened. I hope you are at peace and I hope you know that I really did love you. I loved our family. I know the kids miss you too. 
Dear Netflix, Amazon instant Video, and my Smart tv, I love you all. The end. 
Dear Shanna, we have to make time for each other. I miss you dear friend. 
Dear Jordan, I hope you know how much I love you. I wish you would come out of your shell and come around more. We are all waiting with open arms. 
Dear Apartment, you are FINALLY feeling like home. Thank you for providing me with a safe warm place to live. I am truly grateful.
Dear Maekenzie, sorry if I seemed grumpy the other day. You guys were just loud but no different than the rest of the teenagers! 
Dear Mom, so happy you are traveling around. I think you and Don will have so much fun! I love you. 
Dear Hot Bath, you felt so amazing  last night. Thank you for helping make my aching muscles feel better. 
Dear Kimmy, so happy about having lunch together tomorrow! I miss spending time with you since I have moved. 
Dear Midori Travelers Notebook, you are still one of my most favorite planners. I will have you forever. 
Dear Critical Trolls, you know who you are. You guys should really find something better to do with your time. I am going to continue living my life no matter what you say or how you feel. It's just a giant waste of time.....for YOU. 
Dear Long Lost Mascara, you showed back up! Yea!!! So happy to have you again! 
Dear bloggy friends, your comments truely make my day, every day. Thank you so so much for taking the time to leave them! :)

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