Belated Tuesday Truths

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Hello friends! I am back with a new edition of Tuesday Truths. Yes, I know it's Wednesday. :/ I am just getting caught up. Hope you enjoy! 

- I have just not picked up my camera this week. Not sure why except I just wanted the break and a little more privacy. I'll try to get a video recorded today. 

- The teenagers kept me woke me up 3 times last night and then they were in our bedroom at 5am. Yea...time for a big come to Jesus talk later this afternoon....when they wake up of course! 

- I have a long to do list for today. That's how my days off go. Life is different now and I have to balance my time in a different kind of way. 

- I am so sick of seeing and hearing about Trump. What a complete joke. I hope God can forgive me for all the ill things for Trump that I dream up everyday. 

- My ex-sister in law is still one of the biggest bitches I have ever encountered. Seriously, she belongs in the zoo. She likes to speculate, spy, and make up random lies about me and my family. I don't care what she says, writes or does. I know how she is...and I know her brother loved me and our family until drugs got the best of him. Thank God I never gave her any of his ashes. She has no respect for her family, me, or even herself. I wish she would just act like a lady. However, in order for that to happen she would have had to be raised like a lady and just did not happen.

- I broke a tooth off last Thursday and had to take my butt to the dentist last Friday. The gas they gave me took me into another world. It really helped me not feel the pain. But after it wore off, I could certainly feel everything. 

- Brittany has been in Texas the last few days. She went down with her best friend and her family. She just travels all around. I hate when she is in the air flying. I am so happy she came home yesterday. 

- I have to call the health insurance company later today. Dreading...dreading...dreading. 

- My apartment is finally feeling and looking like an actual home. I don't want to be here forever but right now, I am loving how it's looking. It feels kind of weird knowing its really MY space. I am just learning to live again. It's not perfect but it's home and I am starting to like it more. 

- Speaking of the apartment, I need to get new cleaning routines in place again. I think I will just go back to the flylady system. She has a fun phone app that I am learning. It's amazing how her methods have worked for my life since I was in my early 20's. Thank you flylady. ♥

- My mom is traveling around the US in a big truck with  a huge beautiful camper. What a nice thing to do. I am so happy for her and Don. I hope they make a ton of great memories. 

- We need a bedroom lock on our door. I keep saying it but I have yet to put one on. But it's happening this week. 

- I have been racking my brain on how to get a different car. I am thinking about just working on hard on saving up and buying one outright. Then what do I do with it? Let it go back to the bank? That's great for my credit. Actually with Scott dying and all the past old bills of his falls on me and my credit so thinking about filing a bankruptcy. Maybe that would be the best thing to do and it probably would take care of the car I am driving. 

- Ryan gave me money for my birthday. One of the things I did was go get my nails done. I just am not that crazy about the kind of nails they put on. I guess I will just have to live with it till they grow out some. I still love the way they look and I love the nail salon. However, I rarely get color. I prefer the American Manicure. It doesn't stand out so much and looks more natural. 

- I need to clean out the bedroom closet today. Don't really want to do it but it's happening as well as the frig. * sigh

- I think I am going to get a gym membership and find a trainer. It's something I have been wanting to do for a long time. And we have a couple of gyms really close to the house. So hopefully I work that in soon. 

- I had the weirdest facebook message from a complete stranger asking if I am dating someone named Don Phillips. Ummmm. HELL NO. His name is Ryan and I don't really like strange messages. I think she must be confused. 

- I need to take a big chunk of time and energy no less, to groom the cats. It's a big job and I don't really enjoy it but it has to be done....soon.

- Work was really long and hard Monday and Tuesday. I did a lot and having today off is a blessing. So happy to not be thinking about food!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! I'll be back soon. xx

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