Week in Review w/ DITL Vlog & Weekly To Do's + Food Haul!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hello friends. Happy Monday to you all. I am back with a new day in the life vlog sharing bits and pieces of our week. Grab some coffee or tea...take a break and come spend an hour with us! More is below! 

This past week started off pretty quiet. Brittany was gone on her summer vacation and I was back with all the boys! I won't lie...I worried non stop while they were flying. I hate my kids in the air. But once they landed, I felt a lot better. The weather has been so beautiful here this past week. We had the bikes out...which lead to me learning or trying to learn how the hell to get a chain back on a bike. Why didn't I know this already!? I guess I just never had to do it myself. But thanks to Art helping out via the phone I did manage to get the right tools out. However, I got frustrated and eventually had Scott help us! Zane and Jackson hung out a lot more which totally made me :). Those two have their moments but I loved seeing them together. We went to my husbands house and hung out...jumped around on the trampoline, visited and then we took Cooper for a swim. I am pretty sure the swim did him good. He came right home and fell to sleep and never got up till the next afternoon. He loved it though and we will be for sure going back. We also had a little time with our oldest daughter as well. We really enjoy being over there with her and our grandkids. Little baby Roman wasn't feeling god and he adores Scott. So it' was perfect timing. 

As I mentioned the weather has been so nice here. The cats have been loving being able to go outside and enjoy some fresh air. I get so nervous because I know they can all jump over the privacy fence anytime they want. They are watched every moment they are out but it's been nice letting them outside instead of just sitting at an open window. We took full advantage of the weather and enjoyed some old roads that we haven't driven on in years. It was lovely and then we had an amazing Sushi dinner. Both of us were pretty tired that night so we enjoyed a great dinner, a couple of cocktails and then came right back home...like a couple of old people and enjoyed movies all night long. I was so tired the next morning afternoon but woke up to such a nice little gift from Scott. He got me some beautiful flowers and a new coffee pot with a sweet note. Our coffee pot was just not working right and he just saved me the hassle of trying to figure out which one to get. He didn't look up reviews...he didn't worry like I would and since he make the coffee, he picked out the pot. It's nice too and working great! Before I knew it, it was time to go get Brittany. She flew back in on Sunday and I was so happy to see her. She enjoyed a week on the beach, renting jet skis, hanging out with her best friend and getting some sun. I missed her so much. 

Also during the middle of the week I went to to the grocery. It actually took me off schedule because I didn't need to go back on Friday and here I am on Monday knowing I will have to get to the store in the next couple of days. I hate being off schedule! I was just noticing that we really needed some extra lunch and snack items. The kids are out of school, Scott is eating lunch at home more and more, and we were running low. Here's the haul if you haven't seen it already! 

This weekend was also so tragic for our friends in Orlando. It was so horrific and heart breaking. We lift them in our thoughts and prayers. ♥

Here's a few things I need to get done this week:

- Clean up house....today! 
- Have Scott call school for some needed information for Zane. 
- Clean up files on laptop. 
- Go through paperwork lying around waiting for me to file.
- Bath Cooper and brush out cats.
- Add new activities to big kitchen calendar.
- Make time to read a few chapters of my new book.
- Find and order trampoline.
- Continue to work on gallery wall. It's harder than I expected. I am still in search of frames. Wait till it's time to figure out all the photos. I can't wait to get it done!
- Start organizing the bathroom and closet. Little by little! We are really still moving into this house.
- Run Brittany back and forth to cheer this week and every week thereafter!
- Answer important emails..asap
- Menu Plan and write out grocery list.
- Figure out what to do for Father's Day for Scott and Art
- Empty ashes from the grill.
- Wash all bedding today and tomorrow.
- Continue to walk and swim Super Cooper
- Look for some plants for the backyard

Here's some inspiration to take with you! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope to get a lot accomplished this week if all goes as planned. I should be back with some new videos each day...so be sure to come back and visit! Have a beautiful and blessed week. xx
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