Week in Review w/ DITL Vlog and Weekly To Do's

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hello everyone. I am always happy on Mondays. The start of a fresh new week with endless possibilities just makes me smile! I am back with another week in review. Here's a vlog sharing bits and pieces of our week...and more is below! 

Photos from the week:
This past week was a really a calm easy going week. I still ran around a lot but there was a bunch of times when I was able to enjoy the beauty in a quiet day. I worked a lot on the new cozi app planning out our appointments, meals, and grocery list. I like it because everyone in the family is able to fill it in themselves and they can also add to the grocery list too. I have also been bullet journaling as well. I need a personal planner. That will never change but knowing we all can access the same family calendar on our phones has made life a lot easier. 

Brittany came back this past week. I was so happy when their plane touched down. I know I have to get used to her being gone and doing her own thing but I missed her. I think everyone in the house missed her. We were right back to all her appointments and running around...even in the pouring rain! Jackson is coming over more being he is out of school as well. He still helps out with the hedgehog cage which I appreciate. We have been doing a lot of grilling out, s'mores on the grill are amazing. Summer evenings at home are also amazing when we are hanging out on the back yard with our kids. Lightening bugs flying around. Laughs and giggles from our kids and even kids in the houses around us. Summer brings out the best in all of us I think! 

Scott and I have have been enjoying Friday nights out alone...no kids and it's been nice. We really needed the time together. We tend to go out for sushi every time but it's soooooo good. Fresh and healthy. Scott and I had a great time and came home to veg out in front of the tv. We stayed up late watching Eye in the Sky....a really really good movie! 

I am still keeping up with walking Cooper. We try to do it early, evenings and at night when it's not as hot. It's not just hard on him; it's hard on me as well. I think the new routine is good for us both. :) Also with all this warm weather the cats are shedding like crazy. I have been busy grooming each one of them a couple times a week to get all that loose hair off of them. As you could see in the video above, Romeo loves it. 

Life around here has been different than expected. Better than expected. I love riding along some of the old roads than I haven't been on for 20 years. Memories come racing back at almost every turn but I am enjoying life in a new way. Our kids are giving me new memories...better memories. Fathers day was good for both of the men in my life. Scott enjoyed the day out on the golf course with Zane and then came home to one of his favorite dinners. Brittany and Jackson's dad got time and gifts from the kids...and it was the first time in a long time that we were all together on this holiday. A great way to end the week. 

Weekly To Do's
  • Go to bed on time....something I seriously struggle with
  • Figure out new zones for cleaning
  • Continue walks with Super Cooper. 
  • Take photos of house party items. 
  • File paperwork on desk
  • Paint nails...seriously need to wear the kitchen gloves more. 
  • Try to get ahead on video schedule. 
  • Go look for new hanging basket for front of house. 
  • Make a few important calls
  • Wash windows on 1st floor. 
  • Work in Journals.
  • Get dinner going soon....sorry this post is going live later in the evening. 
  • Answer emails. 
  • Make a sweet treat for my family....I'm thinking Mary's magic cake
  • Share some older summer videos on facebook
  • Check PO Box
  • Figure out a new date night spot....other than sushi
  • Organize new spot in the house
  • Run to the dollar store.
Here's some inspiration to take with you: 

Thanks so much for coming back....again for some of you! I have been loving the weather, the company, the beautiful area that we are now in. It truly feels like a huge weight off my shoulders being here. Thank you for all of your love and support. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week. xx
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