Tuesday Talks & Truths

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Happy Tuesday friends. I am back sharing a new edition of Tuesday Truths. Hope you enjoy! 

:: I woke up so sleepy/tired today. It wasn't easy climbing out of the bed and it would be so nice to climb right back in it right now. It seems like a great day to climb back in bed and and dream the day away. I doubt that will actually happen though. 

:: Someone I love was hurt last night...and it makes me sad and angry all at the same time. 

:: Today is the day I figure out where all my old tickets are, how much they are going to cost to pay and how to finally take care of all the shit affecting my drivers license. No fun but it's time to get it handled. I was told my license is good here in Indiana but just expired. Yea!! I just got a few tickets to pay in SC and I should be good to go. I hate all these hassles but it's past time to take care of it. 

:: My husband snores. It's just what it is and sleeping is much harder now. We are both waking each other up all the time. I hope when school starts we all start getting on the same schedule. It's been so hard sharing a room again but we keep trying. I know this is a big deal for some people out there but honestly....I wish they would mind their own business. Scott and I make the decisions in our home. No one else. 

:: Loving that Trump fired his campaign manager. I hope he just fades away. I am so sick of hearing his redrick and bullshit. I'm over it....I wish we could vote right now. 

:: I read something today that sleeping on your back is the best way to avoid wrinkles on your face and neck. I am screwed. I fall to sleep every night on my right side. EVERY NIGHT. Perfect huh? Wonder if my mom knew this and just cared to not share it with us girls but it's nice to know that sleeping can actually wreck your face. Fancy that. 

:: I have been working really hard to figure out what really makes me happy. You would think I would have it all figured out but honestly, I don't. I think I am finally happier than I have been in a long time...all because of our kids. Being home where we are all together has been such a blessing. 

:: I love having the umbrella open open outside with our patio table. However that love has made me have to replace 3 umbrellas. And guess what it' broke again. Not terribly....I think it's still ok for now but I seriously need to figure this issue out. Unless I find some kind of industrial umbrella, I guess I am just going to have to close it more. :(

:: My bullet journal is going really well. I think I might just make the first video about it today for tomorrow...that is if I can actually wake up. And yes, I know what time it is. 

:: I know I have kinda neglected my blog. It's harder now with more going on. I love it here...and will always have it. It's just not a top priority at this point. But I am working harder and trying to keep somewhat of a new schedule. And during summer it's even harder!! Just be patient with me! 

:: I hate waiting on shipments to come in. I don't have any patience....come on UPS man! 

:: I need to buy a new beauty blender like right away. Mine is so dirty.....no amount of cleaning will help! 

:: The internet has had a mind of it's own today...which is another reason this post is going live later in the afternoon....technology is amazing when it works....but when it doesn't.....it totally sucks!

:: My teenage daughter is being a little bratty today! I guess it's part of it. She's still amazing and we love her even on her grumpy days! 

:: Get this...according to a new study  found The majority of boys who view online pornography believe it provides a realistic depiction of sex. Yea...I about died reading that. I think we need to be talking to our boys more. I don't my kids thinking that is normal sex. No way. No No No. And no matter how much you protect your kids at home, doesn't mean they won't see it. Brittany told me the boys at school would have it on their phones running up and down the hallways showing it to everyone. Perfect right? I just couldn't believe it. Maybe I am just getting old but porn is on a entirely different level...that shouldn't be believed. 

:: I am having Scott pick up some premade pesto on his way home tonight....that should be an interesting scavenger hunt for him! 

:: I want to get busy on my vision board this week. I never had an actual vision board on the wall but I'm doing it and see where it gets me...can't hurt right! 

:: I had to get my epi pen out when a bee was in my room. I tried to ignore but I needed to get prepared. So sad for the little bee who wondered in. He never made it back out. It's weird...I am highly allergic to bees but not honey. I must be an alien! It's weird isn't it?

Well the day has went on. This blog post was started at 10am. Yea...so much for this day! I still think I can get everything checked off my to do list even if I am working into the evening/night. Hope you have a beautiful evening. I will hopefully be back later with a new video. xx

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  1. I want to get a vision board setup to.I always have great ideas and am horrible at executing anything..lol.The boys and porn thing...baaaaahaha.They must be so disappointed when they hit adult hood!!lol.Glad to see you posting again!

  2. I want to get a vision board setup to.I always have great ideas and am horrible at executing anything..lol.The boys and porn thing...baaaaahaha.They must be so disappointed when they hit adult hood!!lol.Glad to see you posting again!


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