Quick Week in Review w/ Vlog & Food Haul

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hello everyone. Happy Wednesday to you all! I hope you are having a great day. I am back with a quick weekend in review. I normally post these on Monday but I am still playing catch up. It's amazing how fast things can get away from you. I hate hate hate not being on schedule. And if everything goes as planned you will have another blog post and video later tonight. :) So we are going to stick to a sweet and simple week in review today.  Here's a look at what went on around here last week. Hope you enjoy! 

Also on Friday I had some shopping to do and again.. didn't get it posted! If you want some dinner menu inspiration or just want to see what we got...here's the haul!

It was a bunch of stuff...but I worked hard on trying to find lighter meals and healthier options for all of us. It's not easy though. We are a meat and potato family so switching it up is not easy for everyone. I am also happy I finally got a new grill. I'm pretty simple and just got one of those round standard charcoal grills. It was rather cheap but the last one I got ( exact same kind ) lasted for about 7 years. So it was worth it to me...and my cheap little grill works great! :)

Anyway I do have somethings I want to get done in the last few days of the week. Here's a quick to do list:

- Get a couple videos ahead. Gotta do this so I can stay on schedule. 
- Get Brittany packed up for Florida. 
- Organize bathroom and kitchen pantry 
- Get treadmill hooked up and working
- Find something fun for the boys to go do over the weekend.
- Groom and bathe Super Cooper
- Drink more water...Drink more water...drink more water. 
- Pull weeds from the flower garden
- Go see Grandma and take her some pictures I found. 
- Still need to clean out my car. 
- Start looking for picture frames for the gallery entrance way.
- Clean out hedgehog cage over the weekend.
- Menu Plan & try to not spend as much at the grocery this week. 
- Try to get across the walking bridge this weekend sometime. 
- Return phone calls..answer emails and try to answer a few comments each day. 

Here's some inspiration to take with you. ♥

Thank you guys for stopping by. I'll talk to you soon. xx

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