Looking Back: May Reflections | Video

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hello everyone! See I did get back here to post this video tonight! I bet a few of you were thinking it probably wouldn't happen. I wanted to come back tonight and share a new reflecting video sharing my current thoughts...my thoughts on last month and my thoughts on things hopefully to come. Hope you enjoy the video...much more is below! 

Seeing: the sun set later and later. I love summer! 
Making: Our new house a home...one day at a time. 
Cooking: well...cooked pepperoni rolls for dinner tonight. It's easy and the three teenagers in the house loved it. 
Drinking: less soda and more water. If I want the kids to have healither drinks, I have to do the same...most of the time! 
Hearing: the girls giggle in the living room. I don't think there is anything that sounds so sweet. 
Wanting: to go room by room, area by area and organize different parts of the house. 
Looking: at the future with so much hope and optimism. The future is bright!
Playing: the wii a lot. It's one of my favorite little machines on the planet. 
Wasting: time thinking about others think. Yea...I got to get over that. People will feel the way they do regardless of what I say or do. I have to accept it and move on with my life. 
Bookmarking: a few new recipes I want to try . 
Understanding: that simple changes can make all the difference in life, relationships....everything. 
Wishing: I had more money to do all the things I want done. I guess it will just take time and patience and a real budget! 
Touching: Scott with my feet right now! He's beside me while we watch a movie. 
Enjoying: Indiana more than expected. Thank you God. 
Waiting: on mom to get back up here in July. I miss her a lot. 
Planning: Some fun summer little get aways. No big vacation this year but we do plan on doing a lot around here in the coming weeks. 
Liking: our new home. No one really thought I would but I love the design. I feel safe here. Let's hope that doesn't change. Thankfully no one is peaking into our windows...let their animals run all over our yard...or watching us. It's much much better. 
Wondering: Why in the hell my step mom would cause so much trouble. She is a worse person than I originally thought. What woman in their 60's acts like an obsessed stalker? It's ridiculous. 
Loving: my true loving loyal family. The people that really has our best interest at heart. The people who really love us. That is what I am loving right now. 
Hoping: to get more time with Jackson when his busy little schedule allows. We miss him. 

Hating: That Harambe was killed.  I understand it was a child...decisions had to be made but it's really messed up on all kinds of levels. Give me 10 kids at the zoo and I guarantee none will end up in any enclosure. The parents should have some accountability for sure. And why can any child get into one of these enclosures is beyond me. I don't care if it's regulation or not. Clearly it didn't work. And a beautiful endangered animal who really was doing nothing wrong is dead. #justiceforHarambe.
Needing: a long bath and a soft bed. I am tired tonight. 
Smelling: the vanilla candle burning right beside of me. 
Wearing: shorts and a tee shirt. Sexy sexy! 
Pinning: nothing much. 
Learning: what icloud is all about. After breaking my phone and not being able to get to any of my video footage or photos made it a priority. Now I pay for Apple storage and it's worth every penny. 
Teaching: myself more control. Control over what I think, say and do. It's harder than one might think! 
Noticing: we really need a little tree in the back yard and I am going to find one. Even though we are renting, I don't mind planting something that will hopefully be there forever. 
Tasting: watermelon that was served with dinner. :)
Knowing: that my kids love me. Nothing anyone says can change that. And really that's all that matters. 
Thinking: about Emily and Martin from the Freckled Fox. A beautiful family really going through a hard time right now. 
Opening: a bottle of wine tonight...I think! 
Giggling: a lot more. I mean seriously a lot more. I thought this move would be awful but I smile more and laugh more now than ever! 
Feeling: happy, content, motivated to get up and do it better each day. 
May: turned out much better than I thought. Scott and I did hit a bumpy patch at first but we made time for each other and working hard to keep our marriage strong. Indiana has been much better than expected. It started warming up in May making me a very happy girl! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the video and blog post. I love doing these reflection videos. It really gives me the opportunity to look back and ahead at the same time. xx
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