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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great evening. I am back tonight with a new video in my 2016 Planner series. I love my Midori. I really do. However, many of you guys have expressed to me that it's a bit costly to get one and get it setup. And that's so true. It's not cheap but I look at it as a huge life investment. However, I was looking around at a lot of Fauxdori and this set from ZLYC really impressed me. Everything is in the video and there are more pictures and the giveaway form below! 

I found this brand on Amazon just lurking around at fake Midori Style Notebooks. Once I found these I read the reviews and thought they would be interesting to check out and explore. 

With Prime shipping they were here in just a couple of days. You can see that each box has a sticker with the color of each Notebook. 

 I thought the packaging was very similar to the Midori Packaging. They give you a little burlap bag that keeps the leather notebook in good shape during the shipping process. It came with an extra orange elastic, and a little booklet explaining the process with the leather and how to clean it. The nice unique thing to this company and these notebooks is they are not only beautifully made they come with three inserts as well. I don't think they guarantee any particular inserts but I do believe that every notebook comes with a monthly calendar. My larger ZYLC notebook came with a insert with lined pages, a monthly calendar and then a insert with blank paper. When you purchase a Midori you get just one insert. So that's saving within itself. The Midori inserts can cost you on average $12.00 - $25.00 each. One of the nicest things is you can order these in a set for a very affordable price. 

I absolutely love the embossed design on these notebooks. It's really what stood out the most to me. The leather is really nice. It's very beautiful, soft and actually more flexible than my Midori.  This is one of the most beautiful journals I have to date. the workmanship, especially the quality of the embossing, is amazing. Currently I am using the larger sized Midori Travelers Notebook → Click here for my current setup ←  and I thought this larger size would be perfect for my everyday journaling and also to just add to my collection! :)
I also decided to order the smaller passport size. This is the coffee color and again it has a beautiful flowers embossed on the leather cover. Again it came with 3 inserts. This time...a grid insert, a monthly calendar and then another grid notebook. I use my smaller Midori Passport size for my wallet and I love it. I could do the exact same with this new ZYLC Notebook. 

 You can see the comparisons from the ZYLC to the Midori. They are basically the same size....they are very similar except the ZYLC is a bit cheaper in cost. Plus you get three inserts with each one. The nice thing is any Midori inserts will fit these just fine. Both are very beautiful from ZLYC and since I love them...I want to share them with a couple of you guys! Below you will find the entry form to get entered. One winner will receive the larger size just like the one I shared and another winner will win the smaller size...same color. You have till June 1st to get entered. You do not need a facebook account but you do have to share your email. There are a lot of ways to get entered below...to earn more entries! The winner will be announced on THIS BLOG POST. Good Luck! 

Thank you for stopping by tonight. I really hope you like this alternative to the Midori Travelers Notebook. If you have any questions be sure to let me know. Next week I will be back with even more planners/journals with another giveaway! :) See ya soon! xx