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Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy Monday friends! I hope you are getting along great with your day. I am feeling a little tired today but I plan to get a lot done so hopefully the coffee starts working fast! I am back with a new day in the life vlog sharing a little of how last week went. Here's the video and lots more below! 

So just a few days ago we celebrated Scott's 47th birthday. I always kid around and call him 50 year after year but he's not actually there yet. However he wanted a nice dinner with his family so we loaded up all the kids and enjoyed a delicious dinner at Joes Crab Shack. 

We had everyone except Jackson with us which was bit sad. However due to work schedules and such we didn't even make it to dinner on his birthday till after 8pm. So I understand Jackson being tired. Laura and I had a great time sitting there talking and giggling while Brittany and Kenzie joked and had a great time. Kenzie is Brittany's best friend and she basically has a free pass to our home anytime. Those girls are so cute and fun....I will take them any day over most people! Scott was on grampa duty because Laura's youngest just is a man's baby. He wants his grandfather, his dad....but mom will do too. :) We had such a great time. We came home and celebrated more with a cookie cake and candles. I like to see all the candles...not just number ones. I like it bright! :) 

The rest of the week went by so fast. We had a little flooding incident that I talked about in the video above but it created a huge mess. We just had to deal with it and be thankful it wasn't going to cost us a penny to get fixed. Even right now the air conditioning guy is here at the house replacing the full 2nd floor unit. The kids are going to be so thankful tonight. I have no idea how we actually got another house with a broken 2nd floor air conditioner. At least with this house it's getting fixed. I am sure at the old house it's still hot as hell upstairs.

A lot of my days have been filled running the kids around. I am not fond of driving a lot but living outside the school district means we have to drive. Scott's office is pretty close to the school so most mornings he is taking them and in the afternoons I pick them up. I am also running around like crazy trying to get Brittany back and forth to cheer. Thankfully this week, we all get a little break. The gym is moving to a different area across town. Brittany alone has a ton of appointments but thankfully I am following everything in my planner and trying to make sure there are no big surprises. I actually need to work on the big family calendar later today. We are still unpacking boxes and just trying to get all the stuff in the right rooms and then I can go back and really organize it. It's been a huge job trying to get settled. 

We also have other family and friends here that we are trying to balance as well. I seem to be at Lauras house almost daily. I think I am going to sneak over sometime this week and help her out with a little laundry and housework being she is working and always tired when she gets home. I love being able to see her and the kids without having to make a long 7 hour trip. Now it's just a 10 minute trip! :) But again, it's all about balance. The younger kids and Scott expect me home more than not. Scott was quick to remind me that I live here and she lives there. I don't know why we didn't just get that huge house I shared a while ago so we could all live together. Gosh...I sound like my grandfather saying that! It's just a lot of fun being with our family. 

Friday we all wanted sushi and ended up at a local Japanese Steakhouse and dinner was simply amazing. Zane had never been to one before and I think he was impressed seeing them cook our food on the open grill. It was unexpected to say the least but we all enjoyed it. Brittany had been feeling pretty bad due to allergies but I was thankful to actually get some food in her. She eats like a little bird. I think it's exactly what we needed! Saturday I was home most of the day. It felt good just being here with no big plans. I have been going so hard trying to get everything done plus run around with all the kids and I needed the break. Kenzie was back here hanging out with Brittany and the girls are just so cute. It's really a breath of fresh air having them around. I truly believe it's because of them and Laura that I have been smiling so much. 

Sunday started out easy...well kinda. I got up and made Scott and the kids breakfast and then the day really started. Brittany has a cheer banquet coming up this week and she needed wanted a new dress. Thankfully we did a job and came in way under budget. I was shocked but she was careful. She also bought a dress that she actually can and will wear again. After that it was time to get Jackson for dinner. I am not use to him not being here and it's been an adjustment as well but he's happy at his dads. I swear Jackson should have been an only child! He is really enjoying the hunting and boy stuff he's been missing out on. He came and enjoyed one of his favorite dinners...hedge hog time....Cooper time and finally he had a little time for all of us! We really just want all the kids happy. No matter if I miss him or not, as long as hes doing good and comfortable at his dads, I am fine. And it's not like hes gone forever. After we dropped him back off, we stopped into Laura's house again just to say hi before coming back home. Like I have mentioned over and over....having the kids around has been so nice. I love being able to go see everyone and then be able to come home. There are no people having to stay in the house....no trips to make....it's just easy. We should have moved back a lot sooner. Thanks to all the kids for teaching me so many lessons that only they could. We stayed 20 minutes or so .... kissed the babies and got back home to the younger kids. 

I am really happy to be moved home. Right now there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. However, I am sure that will change once we all get settled in and adjusted. There are so many people I want to see and spend time with and there is a ton of things that I need to get done around the house. Lots going on in our lives right now. Here's a few of my to do's for this week.

:: Order flowers for mothers day. 
:: Moms birthday on Wednesday! Gotta help her with her blog!
:: Unpack at least one box per day from garage. 
:: Work on new cleaning schedule. 
:: Laugh more
:: Pick up Jackson's prescriptions. 
:: Take my phone off do not disturb. I have been missing a lot of calls but I kinda like it off. 
:: Pay bills. ( suppose to do that yesterday! ) 
:: Groom one cat per week. 
:: Call cable person about internet
:: Try to be more forgiving
:: Get hair dyed. The grey is really showing! 
:: Pull weeds from from of house
:: Wash bedding
:: Keep walking Cooper daily
:: Make time for a manicure. 
:: Get back to a more consistent video schedule
:: Read a least one chapter in new book. 
:: Hang up items on walls this week sometime. 
:: Drink more water. 
:: Work on cleaning up and organizing the pantry. 
:: Clean car out this weekend. 
:: Get PO Box....something I keep forgetting. 
:: Work on overflowing inbox this week. 

Here's some inspiration to take with you through out the week:

Thank you guys for stopping by today. I have truly missed you and this blog. :) I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week. I'll be back soon. xx
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