Tuesday Truths :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great evening. I am finally back sharing a new Tuesday Truths post...hope you enjoy!

- Life has got so much better in so many ways. The move took a lot out of us all but I am finally feeling settled and I am so much more happier. I feel like I sat down a huge bag of bricks. 

- Tonight I had a ton of errands. Evening errands are not my favorite but it just made me grateful for getting to this point to where I can relax now. 

- I am working hard on keeping up with my youtube schedule. I have to work on the blog post but I have tomorrows video already uploaded....which makes me so happy! 

- Scott still seems to really being enjoying his job. Still a bit nervous but I am trying to just let go of my negative thoughts....he's always taken care of us and thats what I need to remember. 

- I went to a cheer meet with Brittany last night. It was for the parents and I learned so much. I learned it very expensive....lots to do. They cheer rain or shine at every game. The cheerleader contacts the coach...not mom and dad. I learned all about the powder puff game that we all have to help out on. It was a good meeting....and I am happy that I was finally here for it. 

- Speaking of sports...Jackson is starting soccer in a couple of weeks. He's really excited and Zane is starting football in July as well. I love that all the kids are getting settled in. We are going to be so busy! The kids are really bringing me out of my shell. 

- I am still dreaming of a new GoldenDoodle puppy. I think it would be great for Cooper. I wish the yard was a bit larger with 2 dogs but I think we would do just fine! I think my mom might just get it for me instead of the piano. I think between the two the puppy would make us happier! 

- Sleeping with Scott is still hard. I wish he would just go to the Dr. He actually wakes me up out of a dead sleep with the snoring. He's not embarrassed.....but I think he is starting to realize it's really effecting his sleep...mine too! But we keep trying. Part of me feels like we are trying this because everyone else wanted it...and another part of me knows we missed each other as well. I wish there was a happy medium. 

- I really need to clean up the files on my laptop. I think that sounds like a weekend kind of job. 

- I am loving that I am not dealing with those neighbors in South Carolina any longer. I bet Oreo is running the streets again. I am sure they tossed him right out after we moved. We think about him a lot. But the neighbors here are so much nicer and respectful. That alone I am grateful for. 

- I am watching the finale of Dancing with the Stars and The Voice tonight. I think I like Dancing with the Stars the best because I get the music and dancing at the same time! I love it. Pitbull was just on...and I love him too! 

- I still haven't been to the apple store. I doubt I am going to get that video footage off....and really time has moved on since it broke. Yea....it's just not worth it. 

- Are you guys tired of hearing about Trump or Hilary? I sure am. But I would rather put my dog in the White House over Donald Trump. No. No. No. 

- My car really needs cleaned out. We are basically living in it some days..another weekend job. For Scott! 

- Scott and I have slowly been looking for furniture. We have to stick to a budget. Throwing it on a credit card is not going to happen. I think Ikea would be perfect for the kids. Besides putting it together. Same goes for my desk. The living room furniture is another story. So many decisions. 

- I talked to my younger niece today for the first time in years. She is all grown up with a beautiful baby. It felt amazing to catch up with her. Little by little we will get around to everyone we have been missing. 

- There is a new show on Amazon...Julian Fellowes Presents Doctor Thorne from the writers of Downton Abbey. I haven't watched any let but I look forward to watching the first show tonight when I am in bed...which won't be long from now. 

- Brittany has been studying all night for 2 tests tomorrow. I admit, the math looks incredibly complicated and the science is no better. Thank God she is smarter than I was. Thank God she is better than I was. All hopes and dreams are for our kids. I just want them to do good...be happy and enjoy their lives.

- I am starting to get to know the UPS guy. So nice...I wish Cooper wouldn't scare him so much! 

- I am creating a gallery wall of photos. I think I am going to stick to black and white. Trying to select them all has been hard. I am going to take up paper to make sure I have the layout right but having our favorite photos in our home really makes me happy. I have already updated some, but we have a lot online that we just have to get printed out. 

- I am dreaming of a long hot bath... and in just a few minutes that's exactly what's happening.

- The truth this Tuesday is life is good. This post is normally a snarky kind of blog post but I just don't have anything to really complain about this week. I feel blessed, happy and at peace. I hope you have a great night. xx
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