Tuesday Truths: Life Lately

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great Tuesday. Its been a while since I have written a Tuesday Truths blog post...or any blog post really so today you are getting Tuesday Truths and a little bit of life lately all in the same post.  Hope you enjoy! 

- Moving has really kicked my butt. We basically have most of the stuff in the house but nothing is really organized the way I want it. Who knows how long it will take to really feel settled in. One day at a time right!?

- I don't know what is going on with the weather around here. Indiana has some strange weather for sure. What I have found from my little time at home is it's either hot as hell or freezing. There has been very little in between. Last week it was very warm...very spring like. Flowers are blooming all over the neighborhood but this week it's been cold and rainy. I got a little walk in yesterday with Cooper but today it's back to raining and cold. I did so great last week when it was pretty. This week though has been a little harder. I am just not someone who wants to go outside and be cold. Yea...no thanks. Hopefully it will start to warm up soon. It is May after all. 

- Scott and I are doing our best to not live in the past with each other. It's not easy but we really are trying. It's easy to hung up on something one of us did days, weeks, months, years back. If we are going to move forward, then we need to leave our past mistakes in the past. Starting fresh sounds good to me.

- For some reason I am wanting to give this blog of mine a new spring makeover. Hummmmm....that normally ends up being hours of work to change things around. Maybe I should just make some simple changes and leave it at that. 

- I actually took a little time last night to finally paint my nails. It's been over a month since I put anything on them. With the move, they would have been chipped up so fast. It just wasn't worth it. But it felt good sitting down last night and doing a little something for myself.

- Scott has been hooked on a new show. Lucifer. Seems fitting to me but he has been binge watching for days. Since it's too wet for him to work right now, he is watching the final show to catch up. Thank goodness. It's been next to impossible to get him to watch anything else. I understand though.. I did the same thing with Frankie and Grace on Netflix for season 2. :)

- Over this past weekend my phone got broke. It totally sucked because I had a lot of vlog footage that I wanted to share with you this week. I thought everything was saved in the cloud but nope. Those settings were not right and I think everything is lost. I am considering taking it to an Apple store to see if they can do anything at all to help. Thankfully Scott took me to the phone store and got me a pretty new rose gold iphone. It took almost all of Sunday to get it set back up. It's amazing to me how important phones really are at this point. Everything important was right on it....and most of it is gone now. And guess what!? On this new pretty phone is all set up where everything is backed up. Hopefully it prevents a disaster in the future. 

- It seems like a dream that my mom was here and now gone. I really do miss her a lot. My grandmothers sister passed away last week and I actually went to the funeral. Funerals are like court for me. → I normally avoid them both. ← but this was different. It was family and it was important for me to be there. In a odd kind of way it was like a family reunion of sorts. I just wish we could have all got together under better conditions.

- Somehow with the big move, the washer must have got banged around a bit....→ fixing whatever was wrong with it! ← I kid you not....it's back to working great and I am so thankful!

- I miss Jackson. He seems so happy with his dad that I try my best to not say anything. I think he just missed him so much. And I think my ex husband feels the same way. We both miss the kids that use to live with us. Ironic huh? I think Brittany needed me as much as Jackson needed him. I wish all the kids were here...with me. But we want them happy and it's not forever. 

- Mom and I did decorate grandma's little room while she was here. My grandmother is in a nursing home full time now. It hurt going to my uncles homes this past week and seeing her stuff in each of their homes. They are her kids. I get it. It just made me a bit sad. But mom and I tried to decorate a little bit for her. We didn't want too much but it was fun. Grandma is one of the loves of my life. She was always loyal and loving to me. 

- I have been doing a lot of self reflecting here lately. I am so done with anyone who truly does not have my best interest in mind. Or the best interest of my kids...my family.  It doesn't matter what anyone says. I make my own decisions. And while life has been difficult and hard the past week or two, it really showed me who supports and loves me. Who loves my family. There are some who just want to know what is going on so they can try to judge. It's has been so clear to me who I can trust and who I can't. All you need is some hard complicated times. Then wait for everyone to show you who they truly are.

- I have been learning all about this new area. I know that sounds silly since I was born and raised here but things have really changed. I live in a quiet area that I have never lived in before. There are so many new stores and places built up around here that it all seems new. It's familiar and new all at the same time. Fancy that.

- Last night I really focused on working in my planner. I am close to having to order some new Midori inserts. But trying to road-map everything out for this next week just made me feel better. I don't like getting behind. Now with all the kids here, the grandkids, friends and family there is so much more going on. I like to do lists. And believe me....mine is never ending! 

- I want my money back for a bag of Starbucks Morning Joe Ground Coffee. I am really trying but it smells so weird to me. The taste is not terrible but the smell is just sending me over the edge. Yuck. And I might seriously take it back.

- I truly love the layout of this house. I have had to hike my ass up the stairs so many times to get to my bedroom and I now I don't! I'm serious...I really do like this house. I am not sure Scott was really truly ready for me to like it but I am sure he's happy I am not complaining about it. And I even like the neighborhood....so far! :)

- All the kitty cats need baths and groomed. I wish I could just find someone to take them all to. It's a huge job and normally I like to just do one a day. But this weather is just too cold to do that to them.

- The big news from over the weekend is Brittany and Kenzie along with 2 of their friends made the New Albany High School Cheerleading Team. I was so nervous for all of them but they worked hard and earned their spots. I was never ever athletic. Brittany is for sure not living through me. This is her dream...her hard work and her success. We are so proud.

I hope you have a wonderful evening. I'll have a new video up tomorrow...with a giveaway! xx
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  1. Good to hear from you Kisha!Congrats to your daughter..been there and done that with mine.I think I was more nervous then her..lol.Glad it's all over now and she's grown!


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