Reflecting/Looking Back | Video & Blog Post | April 2016

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. I am back sharing a new Reflecting video taking you through the highs and lows of April 2016. I am pretty candid in the video but there is even more below. Hope you enjoy! 


Seeing: birds flying into the bed room windows. I don't know why. I feel like I am in that crazy bird movie. 
Making: hard life decisions one by one. Just got to be an adult and deal with what life gives me. One day at a time. 
Cooking: not that much. Nothing feels routine here yet. 
Drinking: Mt. Dew....I've fallen off the wagon. * sigh
Hearing: A lot of Donald Trump talk. He is the presumed nominee for the Republican Party. I'm throwing up in my own mouth now. 
Wanting: to feel stable...get unpacked...and see more family and friends. 
Looking: at it rain today. It's a gloomy nasty day here. Good for the grass though!
Playing: with our grand kids a lot lot more. It's so nice to be in there everyday life now. 
Wasting: time today. After I finish this post, I have a lot to do! 
Bookmarking: more like un-bookmarking a lot of items here lately. Saying goodbye to a lot of bookmarks I simply don't use anymore. 
Understanding: The truth always prevails and shows itself. 
Wishing: I had my mom closer. Happy Birthday mom. I love you.
Touching: Brittany all the time. I've missed her all the time. I am always hugging on her. 
Enjoying: the teenage girls. They are so to be around and a breath of fresh air. 
Waiting: on summer! :) 
Planning: a lot of my time in my Midori. It helps in every kind of way. 
Liking: how soft the bed feels. We have a egg crate mattress topper on it and it's pure heaven. :)
Wondering: what is going to happen with Scott. I wish I could read his mind. It really might not work out. People grow apart and make their choices...change. Idk. Life Happens to all of us. Maybe this is just a bump in the road...maybe not. Time will tell. 
Hoping:  to get things more unpacked and organized in the coming weeks. 
Hating: Scott's creepy friends. However, it has no bearing on me being home with my kids...which is most important. 
Needing: a manicure. Packing, moving and unpacking has made my nails look horrible. 
Smelling: a vanilla candle that is sitting here burning on the desk next to me. 
Wearing: PJ's and Uggs. Yep it's that kind of day. 
Pinning: nothing much. 
Learning: how to work a new tv system....and I hate it! 
Teaching: myself how to control my words better. 
Noticing: how hard it is for Scott to put the ladder in the car. Doubt this is really going to work. 
Tasting: a yummy grape jolly rancher. 
Knowing: Life has a way of working out for all of us. I am asking God to lead me. 
Thinking: about our kids all the time. ALL THE TIME.
Opening: at least 2 boxes a day...I hope.
Giggling: with the girls all the time. I am no longer out numbered! 
Feeling: like it's time to get up and start cleaning up the house some. Yuck.
April: Full of surprises, great times and heart breaks...all at the same time. Moving was hard. Getting settled has been harder. Life has been wonderful with the kids but hard marriage wise. Hoping for a better May. 

Thank you guys for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the video and blog post! Feel free to let me know how April was for you! xx
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  1. Sorry to hear that everything is going so rough for you right now.Im sure things will start looking up again.A big change in life seems to do this to us all.I hope you are doing ok:)


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