DITL Vlog: Thunder over Louisville & Birthday's!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hi friends! I know I have really never neglected this blog mine like I have been lately. But life has just changed so much. It's been hard to get settled. It's been hard to vlog and make videos let alone get on here and type out long blog posts. But I am going to catch up the blog today with videos that have went live on youtube the past week or so. First here is my latest day in the life vlog. I know it's much but it's what I actually pulled my camera out for. Hope you enjoy! 

We are really enjoying time with our family and friends. I still have a list of people that I want to see and talk to but we are here for a long time so it doesn't have to happen right away. We have been enjoying our time with the little kids like at the birthday party and also we see them a lot now anyway. They all were just here last night in fact! Many of you have asked in the comments about Jackson. He's at his dads and it's all about the boy stuff right now. Hunting, fishing, basketball. He's doing great! And yes we do see and talk to him still. Like I said, I just haven't been pulling the camera out as much. But I hope to get back on track soon. Next up a couple food hauls..in case you haven't checked them out yet! xx
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