2016 Planner / Journal Series: The Pray! Prayer Journal Video, Blog Post & Giveaway!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday! I am back sharing another video in my 2016 planner/Journal series. I am excited to be sharing and giving away this simple and beautiful prayer journal. I take you through it all in the video. Below you will find more photos, information and the giveaway form. Hope you enjoy!

For a while now I have wanted to get a prayer journal. I honestly don't know much about them but I am across the Pray! Prayer Journal by Dean Riding. This seemed to have everything in it that I was hoping for. 
The beginning pages gives you a place to put your name and the current year and of course the table of contents taking you through the journal. 

There is a very simple introduction telling a story of a young man named Dawson Trotman. Then it goes into how this prayer journal will help you grow in intimacy with God. It is to help you conduct an extended prayer meeting of your own!

 In the beginning section of the journal it gives you a really nice roadmap of a prayer schedule that could work for anyone. It explains exactly how to use each section. Examples of prayers that you " could " use with a lot of scriptures as well. I really like the break down of this section. Each day you have a different group to pray for.

Then you go into the weekly layout. The format focuses on a different category each day but you don't have to follow that if you don't wish. These pages in the weekly section are really a place to put the people, situations and circumstances you are praying for. Beside the date is also a section in the bible to read...taking you through the entire bible in one year if you follow it. On the left side of the page there is scripture. Each week there is a new verse to help teach us and guide us. There are also prayer tips and tid-bits of information on each page.

At the end of the month, there is a monthly reflection section to write out what God is saying to you. There is also a prayer for the month. On the opposite page, there are tips and prayers just to inspire you even more.

Each month has a new purpose. It really doesn't matter where you start in your year. I am actually starting in May. I hope to use this journal until April 2017. 

 In the back there is more information and resources to really make this prayer journal work for you. I love love love the answered prayer section. It's one of my favorite sections of all.
 There is even more information packed into the last pages of this journal. It's such a really well thought out prayer journal. See why I love it?
I am so impressed by this journal/workbook. I think it will only make life better to have a set out plan for praying. I make time to pray everyday..morning, night and and any time in between. I need all the help I can get! :)

This prayer journal seems unique like no other. I love it. I think it is great for personal use but you really could get everyone in your home one of this journals and go through it together and maybe just keep the prayers private. But you could go through the lessons, scriptures, bible readings and such with anyone. I think it would be a great gift for anyone at any age. It's truly inspirational and I love it Since I love it so much I am sharing one prayer journal with 4 of you luck winners! It's open to everyone. You just have to use the form below to get entered...super easy! You have 2 weeks and I will announce the winners on this blog post post! Good luck!

If you don't really want to wait you can go ahead and find the Pray! Prayer Journal right here. 


I think it will be life changing for whomever uses it. I am so excited about finally sharing this with you guys because I really want to start using it. I doubt I will ever share this journal with anyone because I think our prayers are deeply personal. Any conversation with God is personal and private. Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day. xx
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  1. I like that the book gives you tips on how & who to pray for and that the book seems to be very well laid out.

  2. This journal looks amazing! I love the scriptures throughout and it seems to really help you to consider things that you normally wouldn't think of. I am the type of person who is very visual and a journal like this would really help me get the most out of my prayers!

  3. I love how the prayer journal will keep me focused and make my prayer life stronger.

  4. Love your show and tell. It shows how well thought out this journal really is!

  5. Love this journal. I have been looking for one.

  6. Love this journal. I have been looking for one.

  7. I love how the Prayer Journal gives you specific direction and structure!

  8. I loved your video & definitely a thumbs up! I also like all your VLOGS

  9. Any word on the winners? :-)


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