1st Indiana Shopping Haul & Large Weekend Haul | Video |

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hey everyone...it's me again! :) I told you I am getting caught up today! There has been a few hauls since we have moved that I just did not record. Days when my legs felt like jello exhausted like never before. I just couldn't do it. But I did share the very 1st food haul after moving and I also have a new one from just yesterday below. Hope you enjoy! 

So here is the last and most current shopping haul from this weekend in case you missed it! 

I know so many of you really love the food hauls and I do as well. I just love seeing what others are buying! Now you guys and this blog of mine is caught up and up to date. I am so sorry that I have fallen behind. It's been a long process of getting moved and getting settled into this house. We still have so much to do. I'll be back with a new vlog tomorrow and week in review! :) Have a great night. I'll see ya tomorrow. xx
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