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Monday, April 4, 2016

Afternoon friends! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I am moving so slow today but I am actually feeling good and happy for a new day and a new week. We are actually kicking of spring break with the boys today so it's ok if we take it a little easier...a little slower and a a little more relaxed. I didn't vlog as much this past week because wasn't feel that good over the weekend. Here's a little from our week...hope you enjoy!

This is no going to be a long dragged out blog post with photos about our week. It was mainly a week of packing and trying to get things finished up around here. Then the weekend came and I just wasn't feeling good dealing with a lot of different things. So I feel like I kinda fell behind a little but it's ok. I started packing early just in case of something happening. I still have plenty of time and as we move through this spring holiday I am going to have the boys help out some. I for sure want their help in the garage. 

Scott is busy and has been working hard, hanging out with the grandkids and trying to get everything done up there that he has to do. If you guys only knew how long my to do list is as well as Scotts this week. We will both probably feel dead by time the weekend rolls back around. Here's a few of my to do's...

- Keep packing and moving forward. 
- Figure out dates when everything has to be shut off. 
- Transfer cable
- Find the UNO cards. 
- Answer Emails...like seriously...I can't put it off any longer. 
- Start cleaning packed up areas. 
- Keep up with filming and blogging schedule. 
- Pick up Zanes glasses. 
- Clean out car so Scott doesn't kill me when he does get home. 
- Take the boys out for a picnic. 
- Clean rocking chairs on front porch. 
- Wash and hang out bedding. 
- Fill up bird feeder. I won't be doing that much more here but I think they sing more for me for food! :)
- Answer some youtube comments. 
- Try to get treadmill cleaned off ( boxes ) and make time to walk. 

Here's some inspiration for your week:

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you have a wonderful week. It's going to be mostly packing for us. No fun but it's what has to be done. I am still excited about everything coming up. I just have to find my mojo again and get at it! See ya soon. xx
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