Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hello everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. I am back with another edition of Tuesday Truths. Hope you enjoy! 

* Moving back to Indiana makes me wonder about some relationships that I haven't wanted to think about for years. I think I need to remember when people show you who they are...I need to believe them. It makes me nervous.

* I had traffic court this morning. I have never seen anything like it before. To me it seems like the officers were acting like lawyers but they were really nice. The officer who pulled me over twice is a nice guy. I might not like my fines but he was kind. He was nice to my kids the 1st time and really nice to me the 2nd time. And even today, he was kind and dropped a lot of my fees and gave me a little extra time with the move to pay them. I was nervous about going but it was ok and it worked out better than expected. It's a good day! 

* I have 90% of the kitchen packed up. Today I finished up with the spices and other nick nack items but thankfully that job is done. I am thankful for taking this at my own pace. I might have to get moving a little faster this week...the boys are home from school for spring break and their help would be nice. Garage here we come! 

* I lost a important email and I can't get it back. Delete means delete on gmail and that's that. SHIT!!!!

* I think I need to buy one more load of boxes and then hopefully I will be done. I don't really want to buy boxes. I never have before but this job is hard enough. Dumpster diving for boxes just isn't happening this time. I think I am just getting too old for all that. 

* I saw a bee on the back porch today. Thank goodness I left the epi pen out. I am so scared of getting stung. My reaction is different every time. No telling what will happen to me. It could seriously kill me. I want Scott home. 

* Facetime has been such a gift. It makes me so happy to hit a button and see my family and friends. Its amazing! Also Uber has been kick ass as well. Who would have guessed I would love it so much!? I might never drive again! j/k

* The sun was out today but it was still a bit too chilly for me. Come on warm weather....come back. 

* I watched a show on Netflix about the Amish. It was about the ones who left and were shunned. It was actually touching and by the end I had tears running down my face. They have their way of life and their reasons for everything. 

* My kids are totally turning into legit teenagers. None of them like getting up out of the bed. At 1pm I am anxious to wake them up. But I am torn in letting them rest and get the sleep they probably need and getting their butts up. 

* I am thinking about persicope. Do you know about it? It's simply an app...you follow whom wish or sign up yourself and do live broadcasts. I like the idea and I think I am going to try it soon. Get the app on your phone and follow me → @kishajaggers 

* I wasn't going to take you through house picking. However Scott went and checked out this house his new boss wanted him to check out. It is a rental and it's beautiful. All the kids were like yessssssssssss! We'll see! We have been looking hard. I haven't settled yet...which I thought I might have to. I also an apartment for a few months was another possibility. I couldn't find many homes that really suited our family. God is guiding us where we need to be. However, mom is not happy with the price tag of this one so she is determined to find another. It should be interesting! 

* I miss Scott. Not every second but there are times during the day and evenings when I just feel a little sad and empty. It's been strange not having him here. It's about to be over though! :)

* I need to buy a external hard drive. Yesterday I spent over an hour deleting old photos and videos just for more room. I keep putting it off but I need to find one.

* Cooper has been driving me crazy. I don't know what he is trying to say to me. He's just stands close and stares at me. I played ball with him today for a long time. Fed him well. He's been out a bunch but I know what is going on with him. Maybe he misses Scott too.

* Tonight is the end of the OJ series. It's been interesting. Cuba has done a wonderful job. It still makes me very sad. But I am so watching in just a few minutes! Hope you had a wonderful day. I'll talk to you soon. xx
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