Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hello! Happy Tuesday. I am back with another edition of Tuesday truths. Hope you enjoy!

- I have been recording recording recording to make sure there is content for you guys when I am away. :) I feel like I am ahead of the game....for once! 

- My little Jackson has had such a big mouth here lately.....teenagers. * Sigh

- I am happy to see that Hilary is moving right on up and will probably be the nominee for the Democratic Party.  And of course goofball Trump. This is going to get real interesting. 

- Speaking of politics I put up a nice poster for the neighbors in the window they like to look in. If they can put up all those stupid signs in their yard...I can certainly repay the favor. And hey...maybe it will help stop them from being so nosy. I don't care about who they support. I really don't. All of you guys can vote for whomever floats your boat. But I am a Democrat through and through. And sure hope they take the White House again. I actually think the President would totally be reelected again if he was allowed another term. :) Remember though what Trump stands for. And also remember that you're vote really does count. It matters. 

- I think the picture at the top of this post is spot on for so many of us....including myself. I think we are dragged down by the jerks and asssholes of our lives causing us to doubt everything even ourselves. I am just fine with getting rid of people in my life who are just negative and draining....and you should too. 

- I broke a nail last night which resulted in me cutting them all back. I was not so happy about it but having one short nail just drives me nuts. It feels weird typing.....so they all had to go. 

- I have a lot to do this week. It's so important to stick to schedule right now otherwise I am going to get behind and never catch up. Tomorrow is all about cleaning and recording another video. Thursday is packing for our trip and finishing things up before we have to leave. 

- My heart just about broke last night reading Rory Feeks post about his wife....One Last Kiss. I actually read it to Scott last night after he came home from work. Tears were streaming down my face, my voice quivering trying to get through sentence after sentence. I feel so bad for her and her entire family. She had a baby that has downs syndrome which was unexpected for them. However they handled it with grace and love only to find out Joey was dying of cervical cancer. She is in her last days of her life and when she is really gone....I am going to cry like a baby. We lift Joey and her family up in our prayers. 

- I have been rotating baths/showers due to the high cost of electric in our area. I can't figure out what is running our bill up so high except the water heater. I am thinking candles would be far better than a $600 bill for last month and guess what? It's 679 for this month. WTF? We don't leave a ton of lights on or anything so I just don't understand. And no...there was no past due balance. The Coop we use doesn't give you a chance to be late. They will just shut the shit off. It makes me so mad to pay bills when they are that high....actually that's not right either....→ it makes me sick.← 

- We are heading home this week. I say home because its where I was born and raised. I guess that is always to many of us right? Even if we have moved. This area holds 90% of my memories, friends, family members. It also holds many heart breaks. If we are going to move back there, its something I have to learn to deal with. It's painful to drive by the cemetery for me. It's painful driving by places my brother and I played. It's painful seeing people who I use to be friends with who are a shell of the people they use to be. It's painful place to me but I need to overcome it. We have kids there and now it's a chance to create new memories. I didn't understand that earlier in life. I am still not sure how it's going to go but I am going to try and try because it matters to our children and family. 

- The ongoing fight with Jackson and his homework is never ending. I would seriously send that kid to military school if I could afford it. His dad and I have tried everything we know and it hasn't changed the fact that he hates school and homework. It's totally exhausting. 

- I am back wearing my fitbit again. I sure didn't hit 10k steps today but it sure makes me more aware of the exercise I desperately need. I gotta get my ass moving!

-I've had a headache on and off for a couple of days now. Not sure why either. I actually got some sleep last night but right now I need some advil. :(

- I am missing Downton Abby already. It makes me so sad that show is ending. Is that silly? Probably! O-well. I love it and hate to see it end. 

Anyway, that's some of my Tuesday Truths! I hope you are having a great evening. Feel free to let me know any of you're own truths if you wish! xx
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  1. I so know how you feel about it being home and painful at the same time. I hate that everywhere I turn it reminds me of mom and Heather along with alot of other memories. Some I wish I could forget and others I hate that they are memories because I want them to be happy ones and not sad. I can't wait to see you guys. Hubby and I are wanting to take you, Scott and the kids to dinner Friday. Hopefully we will be able to get together. I will talk to you later. Hugs xoxoxo

  2. Hey Kisha, regarding your $675.00 hydro bill. One time I had crazy expensive hydro bills, and I had the company come out and look. Turns out the neighbours were somehow leaching into our system, AND on top of that, the meter was reading the usage INCORRECTLY! This whole time my husband and I had been paying an arm and a leg for nothing. It is the law, that the hydro company must come out and investigate if you suspect foul play or an incorrect meter. I really hope you see this comment! It doesn't make sense for you to have such large bills. Hope your trip to Indiana goes well!


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