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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday afternoon. I can't believe we are finishing up with March and moving right into April. Time really does start to pass quicker the older you get. So around this time each month I like to post a reflecting video sharing my thoughts on the previous month. Here are my thoughts on March 2016. Lots more below! 


Seeing: boxes all around the house and I loooooove it! 
Making: the most of this time while Scott is gone. We are all working in our ways to make this move happen. 
Cooking: easy peasy dinners for the kids and myself. 
Drinking: coffee even though I know it's past time for lunch and something less caffeinated. 
Hearing: tons and tons of 80's hits. It's just what helps me pack faster! 
Wanting: to find the right house instead of the right apartment. See why Scott went up early. There is so much for us to figure out....and soon.
Looking: at life with a more positive attitude. Not everyday but more so than not. 
Playing: with Cooper outside a lot more with the warmer weather. 
Wasting: money on packing boxes instead of going dumpster diving....and I actually think its really worth it. 
Bookmarking: Swimsuits that I keep seeing online. It's a scary thought....but it needs to be done!
Understanding: I am who I am....and I refuse to change to suit others. It won't happen.
Wishing: I would have never been pulled over and hit upside the head by the costly tickets I received. It sucks.
Touching: boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and all kinds of items though out the house. And it's not been kind to my hands. 
Enjoying: my thoughts on all good things that will come as a result of us moving. 
Waiting: on Scott to get back here. We all miss him a lot. 
Planning: on sharing my Midori Travlers Notebook this weekend. Many have asked about the setup and I can't wait to share it!
Liking: the big gift that I cannot share yet on my birthday. It's a little different but sooner or later I will explain what it was! 
Wondering: how grandma is doing today. I wish I could call her and tell her we are packing and that I am keeping my promise to her. She can't talk but in a couple weeks she will know.
Loving: the idea of all of us being together again. 
Hoping: to reply to a lot of emails today and tonight. The list is long and I have been super busy but I need to make time to tackle to ever growing inbox. 
Hating: Donald Trump...but nothing new about that! 
Needing: everything to go according to plan over the next couple of weeks to make this move go smoothly. 
Smelling: Hawaiian breeze in the waxy melt pot. 
Wearing: a big shirt that is hanging off my right shoulder and yoga pants. Comfy clothes for me today! 
Pinning: nothing much. 
Learning: how to not let the negative outside energy effect me. I just want all that stuff to bounce right off of me and move on. 
Teaching: my kids all about manners still. I have a feeling this lesson will never end.
Noticing: all the spring flowers popping up around the neighborhood. So pretty!
Tasting: the Melting Pot still. It was really good and I enjoyed it so did the boys!
Knowing: I really need to try harder to repair my relationship with my older son. It way past time. 
Thinking: about all I want to do before I fall into the bed tonight.
Opening: the endless stack of mail that I have to go through. I need to sort through it and make stacks of bills, junk mail, bank papers.. and just wipe that job out.
Giggling: not as much with Scott gone. :(
Feeling: motivated to finish packing and make this move official! 
March: A better month than the others so far even with my traffic tickets. It started out great nad it is ending great and I couldn't be more thankful. 

Thank you guys for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the video and blog post! Feel free to let me know how February was for you! xx
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