Indiana Travel Vlog(s).....Jamfest Nationals

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hey everyone! I hope your evening is going well. I am back sharing not one but two new day in the life vlogs from our Indiana trip! :) We decided to go up for Brittanys cheer-leading competitions and I am bringing you with us for some of our time up there. I was going to try to put both vlogs together but I thought it might just be too long. So here they both are....hope you enjoy! 

Here's part 2....

We had a really nice time up there during this trip. I got to spend a lot of time at cheer functions and competitions. I was so proud of all the girls for working so hard and winning! :) They were so happy! I was just as thrilled as every other parents watched our girls tackle their dreams. It as amazing. I feel like they are so cute and such a breath of fresh air to be around. How can you not be happy when around a bunch of smiley bouncy teenagers! They were really geared up for competitions. Practiced day after day and it totally paid off. 

We also made time for our other daughter and grandchildren. We don't get to see them a lot and didn't want to waste one minute of time we could spend with them. It was also the first time getting Zane and Laura together. They have known about each other forever but getting all the kids in the same place at the same time is next to impossible! But we had a great time with them. The little kids of the family ( our grand kids ) are also growing up so fast and they were just as adorable as they always have been. I had a great time playing around with the girls. Laura's little boy really took to Scott and they got some quality time in too! 

There were a ton of other happenings during our trip. More so than the hotel. Jackson even got locked in the bathroom. Hotels and 13 year old boys don't mix well but we were told it had happened before in other rooms so maybe it wasn't the boys fault. It was frustrating to say the least because we had plans that day. But we got out on time and enjoyed a nice lunch together with Brittany. I also got to go see grandma and picked up such a beautiful orchid for her room in the nursing home. I hope she liked it. I also got time with my uncle and his son. I made a new puppy friend while I was there and totally would have brought that dog home if I could have!

We also got to my best friend Shannas house. I got in some fun time with Emily and also Shannas husband. He and Scott hit it off pretty well which is good because we plan on putting them together some in the future! We got time in with Trina and her family as well. We had a nice dinner out and got to actually hang out instead of just talking on the phone.  It was so nice. I loved being around everyone. Scott made the comment many times that he has never seen me so social in our entire time together! I chatted with everyone. I didn't hide myself away. Instead I made the most of the time I had with our family and friends. I had an amazing trip and was a little sad to say goodbye. Oddly enough I had some second thoughts about moving at first but that best friend of mine reminded me of what's important. She was right and I listened. :) Sometimes you just need to hear it straight. 

We got home super late on Monday night and then Tuesday I was exhausted as was Scott. I did manage to get the end to the 2nd video filmed Tuesday night. Now I am just trying to catch up around the house and try to get somewhat back to normal! Thanks for stopping by....I'll see ya soon! 
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  1. Hi Kisha,

    Wonderful post! Making great memories is what it is all about. Looking forward to your upcoming video... Housing, Costs, etc. Remember, finances are sexy!


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