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Monday, March 21, 2016

Hello friends! Happy Monday to each of you. I know I haven't been around a ton on this blog of mine the past week. I have just been so busy trying to get our house packed up. It's a big job. Lots to do and I wanted to start early. So this is not my typical week in review....but still hope you enjoy! Here's my latest day in the life vlog and more is below.

Sorry I got a couple of the clips messed up around Wednesday Thursday. Sometimes when I am editing videos at night I just don't do a good job. Really need to work on that! But I am sure you guys understand.So as I mentioned this past week I have been working hard around the house. After finally figuring out when we were going to move, I started packing right away. This is a big house. We have a lot of stuff and instead of just quickly tossing items in empty boxes, I have sorted as I have went. I have piles for goodwill, garbage, friends and family. Then our boxes! I feel really good about where I am right now. I have most of the 2nd floor done and a little bit of the 1st floor packed up. I just didn't want to wait until the last minute. I want this move to be more organized and easy being the last move ( into this house ) just about killed us. And my mom even flew in for that move to help pack. So it's been a busy time but I feel good getting rid of so much stuff. I am not sure the garbage man is going to be happy with me but too bad! 

Scott left yesterday. I wasn't too upset about it but as the hours passed by it felt so strange knowing that he won't be back for a couple of weeks. I have never been away from him for more than a few days in 12 years but I am trying to have a positive outlook on it. I know he is going up there to work and find a house because it's what I wanted. He's been pretty honest about not wanting to live up there in the cold but he does want to be around family as well. So this morning was me getting the boys up for school. I have been pretty lucky that Scott has handled the morning shift around here for years but I jumped out of the bed on time :) and started my day before the sun was up. I made a quick breakfast for the Jackson and Zane and to school we went. Both boys were really good too. Thankfully I went to bed super early even for me so waking up was pretty easy. However, what wasn't so easy this morning was waking up to a pretty damn cold house. I knew our weather was going to drop due to the cold front on the east coast. They actually said last week that we might have snow. Well no snow but it was barely 36 this morning and it felt like we had the windows open on the 2nd floor. We made it through it and I am so happy that it is starting to warm up. The neighbor is even mowing his yard right now. Ha! I will never ever do that again in this house and I am so happy about that too!!!!

So here we are at a beginning of a new week with a ton of things for me to do. And let me say this, packing the way I am is so much easier. If I want to pack I can...and if I want or need to have the day off I can. I basically have 2 weeks to pack up the rest of the living room, the full kitchen, and garage. I don't really feel that ahead of the game but I do feel like I am making good time. I have a ton of lists going on. I have all these on the chalkboard walls and white board. I still need to mark off the things I have done but they help. I also have the lists going in my planner as well. So much going on right now.

Today I have to figure out what exactly we need from the store and go. I am thinking Aldi's maybe. It depends really. The kids worked on figuring out what they wanted me to cook after we cleaned out the freezers. I really didn't have a lot of meat. We have more potatoes than anything else. It's amazing how many french fries we have. Glad the boys picked 3 meals with them. We had a lot of soup too. I sent some of the stuff to the neighbors and whatever we don't use out of the 1 freezer now I will send over before we leave. They could totally dump it all in the trash but I thought they might at least have a look at it. I need to wipe out the deep freeze really well and get it out to the garage. I want to make room for the kitchen boxes. For right now most of the boxes are staying in the room they were packed in. In the vlog above I did my best to show how I have been going about it. It really has been a process and I can't wait till it's over. What I have noticed is how much stuff we really don't need, don't use. I am sure the kitchen is going to feel that way too. I have so much. I think I am just going to do my best about being selective about what goes with us. 

 Also a few days ago, I cut off most of my hair. Right I like the length but I wouldn't mind it growing out an inch or so. I like it shorter. It feels amazing and its so much easier for me to do. I have a ton of hair care products recently to do my hair and I figuring it out. I can make it big and poofy but I think I like it a little more sleek. Its a nice change! I guess our life is actually changing in a lot of ways. 

I think life is seriously about to change for us. I am still a little nervous right now. But I believe our plan will work! I also think everyone from our kids to Scott and I will be a lot happier. I know I will be a lot busier. Brittany alone will have me out and about pretty much daily. And I know the boys will too. Life is getting ready to really change. Instead of being scared of it, I am trying to be positive about everything. I have prayed and prayed trying to make sure this is the right direction. I think as we move in the coming weeks we will find a new home that will hold our family. Maybe not the perfect home but I know that is happening soon. I know that we are going to say goodbye to South Carolina and move on to the area that holds a lot of our loved ones. Its time to go home. 

I hope you have a wonderful week. I am vlogging daily and I will also try to make some additional videos this week as well. I have just been busy and its been easier for me to shut the computer, turn on some 80's music and pack. Thanks for stopping by....I'll see ya soon. xx
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