Catching Up: DITL Vlog: Moving Right Along with Scott & a New Food Haul!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hello everyone! Can you believe its Friday!? I guess I have really been neglecting this little blog of mine and for that I am sorry. I actually love it here. I just need to love it enough to get back to get back on schedule. Everything has been a little off since we announced that we are moving. I have been busy packing up our house while Scott is busy learning a new business. Plus there are things going on with ALL the kids right now keeping us pretty busy! I did vlog throughout the week. I share what's been going on around here....however you might want to get a coffee or tea, it's a long one! Hope you enjoy. 

This past Monday I had some shopping I needed to do. We cleaned out the freezers on Sunday. I just didn't have a ton of meat or anything. I also made a more kid friendly menu with the boys on Sunday night to get ready for the shopping. Here's what we are having and what I got.

I normally don't post videos together but I want to try to get caught up with the vidoes and blog. I am slowly starting to film again and I hope to have more videos up in the coming days and weeks. I also hope to have a new edition of Friday letters up this evening. :) Happy Friday friends! xx
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