Week in Review w/ Chatty Vlog and Weekly to Do's:

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. I am back sharing a new week in review video and post. I didn't record any vlog footage from last week so I decided that I could sit down and film a more chatty kind of video about this past week. Hope you enjoy. More is below!

As I mentioned in the video I have been feeling so tired. I think its truly a combination of a lot of different things. A lot of days I am doing things tired but this time it was different. I wasn't willing to ignore it like I have so many times before. I shut things off and simply went to bed. I still didn't sleep really well. I toss and turn all over the bed. I never feel like I get a good nights sleep. Never. I use to be so angry about it daily basis because I woke up grumpy and it took hours to feel alive and now I don't wake up angry but I am still dealing with the sleep issues that have haunted me all my life. The beginning of last week I just couldn't find any kind of motivation. A lot of my to do's and tasks got put off and things were starting to stack up around the house. By Wednesday I was a little more rested and feeling kinda guilty for not doing everything I needed to do. I can't go long without doing things for the blog/youtube, myself, my home before they pile on. One of the first things I did to get life back to normal was break out my Midori Travelers Notebook that I am using as my current planner.

I had to really prioritize what I had to get done. I took a look at my monthly spread, my weekly and started brainstorming and making lists. Important to least important and even while I was planning things out I felt a little guilty. I could have just been up doing things but really I would have been a scatterbrained mess without some road map of what I needed to accomplish. I know myself so the time spent with my planner and list making was critical to getting it done. 

I went through the house on Wednesday afternoon sped cleaned everything. I had the kids clean their rooms and I pretty much did everything else. Is it perfect. Nope not by a long shot. But it is cleaned up and sticking to my routines has really helped keep it that way. Thursday Scott was home all day and we just hung out around the house, ran some errands and in the evening hours he took the boys to see...

I wasn't so sure about a weeknight movie for the boys but they had such a good time. They were home in bed by 10:30 so it wasn't that bad. I am so thankful Scott is willing to take them to see the movies I don't want to watch. The price for my ticket just wouldn't be worth it for me. And I am a little nervous of movie theaters anyway. So I got a quiet night at home while the boys took in the new Star Wars movie. Actually that night I ran some errands, got some take out and came home to enjoy all the great tv shows on Thursdays! 

Friday I woke up and took one look in the mirror at my hair and knew I had to do something about it. I am never really happy with my hair but the color I picked out from Madison Reed was just too dark. I just couldn't do it. Also I thought it was too long and too heavy so I went and spent a few hours in the salon. Really I think it could be a little lighter but I can deal with that the next time I need a cut. I still might grow it out a little bit but I seriously want to get the color right. :/

On Friday night Scott had a bunch of customers right at closing time so he had to work late. I loaded up the kids and took them shopping with me. They ran all around and actually had fun time while I shopped. Those kids are always running. They run all the time in the yard and neighborhood....and I bet at school. I wish I had 1/2 of their energy! If you haven't checked out the shopping haul yet, it's right here. I did pretty good and stayed in budget. However it was after 11pm before I got everything put away. I was happy though to get that little bit of shopping checked off my to do list. I didn't think my hair would take so long but it was busy at the salon. I felt sorry for the girls because it was no stop. It was a long day but I was finally able to craw in my bed and move on to a new day.

Saturday I opened up my notebook and started figuring out what I wanted to do. I worked around the house trying my hardest to clean things up even more and organize a few of the " hot spots " along with getting a lot of the 1st floor windows cleaned up. I actually found a shot in the glass like either a bb gun or a rock from the yard. Who knows. I was just determined to not let my tired mood take another day from me. 

I did a ton of laundry. My little helper was there for every bit of it too. It's funny because the cats follow me around in a pack watching everything I do. Gabby in that basket looked so sweet. It reminded me of when she was a kitten. She is by far the smartest cat in our house. She gave us so many beautiful kittens. She is also the first cat Scott ever got me. She is really special to me. ♥

Yesterday we laid around for the first part of the day. I woke up before Scott and the boys and had some quiet time when I first got up. It was nice and it made me feel good that everyone was getting some much needed rest as well. Now here we are with a new week....with new things to do. Here's a few of this weeks to do's. 

:: Get to the eye Dr. Things are starting to change for me. A check up might be helpful. 
:: Go through and throw out old nail polish. 
:: Stick to daily/weekly routines
:: Brush out and bathe Cupcake. 
:: Clean makeup brushes
:: Try to stay on schedule with videos
:: Drink more water this week. Drink more water this week. Drink more water this week. 
:: Go through bills...throw up...and pay them. 
:: Update dinner menus on chalkboard wall. 
:: Check voicemails. I suck at it and hardly ever listen. Sorry. 
:: Make some cookies
:: Clean up files on laptop. 
:: Wash 1st floor blankets. Coopers blankets as well. 
:: Deep clean shower in master bedroom. 
:: Start preparing new Midori inserts. 
:: Make some fresh apple juice
:: Look up how long before Cooper needs his shots. 
:: Take time to get on treadmill every other day this week. Gotta start somewhere. :)
:: Make some eggs in a bag for the kids breakfasts tonight!!!
:: Clean up desk and file away papers
:: Get to bed by 1am at the latest this week. But hopefully earlier most nights. 
:: Fill out journal every night to hold myself more accountable. 
:: Clean out car this weekend. 
:: Change filters on 1st and 2nd floor. 
:: Put up new democratic posters in the windows in kitchen just to annoy my silly neighbors. More about that tomorrow. 
:: Try to read a chapter a day in my new book. 

Here's some inspiration to take with you through out the week....

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. I have a couple of errands to go out and run...then we start the evening routine with dinner, homework, showers....we always have busy evenings around here during the school year. I am hoping to be back a little later so be sure to come back when things calm down in your home to check out a new planner video. xx 
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