Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hello friends! Another Tuesday night has rolled around....so I am sharing some Tuesday Talks and Truths with you guys! Hope you enjoy. 

- I just had the hardest time getting my butt out of the bed today. It felt amazing and it took everything I had to get up. Thankfully I have been doing better with getting to sleep earlier and waking earlier as well. I really have no idea why it was so hard besides it being cold outside. 

- I am trying my best to keep up with my video and blog schedule. When I follow a blog or youtube channel I hate it when they just drop off the map. So I promise I am working hard at keeping up. I am also working on answering comments too. Thank you guys for taking time to leave me your thoughts on my videos. 

- I have been doing a lot better at not responding to online trolls here the past few days. God knows I want to sometimes but its just a waste of energy. I am who I am and I will not apologize for it. 

- Jackson broke yet another pair of glasses. It drives me crazy to have replace them over and over and over. I will probably be replacing them when he's 30. I think it's time to buy those frames that can bend. 

- Guess what I found out? I was watching Forensic Files and decided afterwards to see about the sexual predators in our area. WOW is all I can say. I don't know if I want the kids ever to leave the house again. Here's the site....Family Watchdog in case you want to check too. Once the map is up just click on the pins on the map to see who they are and where they live. It makes me nervous and what makes me even more nervous is the ones who have not been caught. 

- I saw an interview this morning with Teresa Giudice talking about her prison stay. I think she is beautiful with a family of beautiful daughters ( and short husband! ) but listening to her speak just shocked the hell out of me. To me she sounded like she had a mouth full of marbles. I am happy she is back home with her girls though. No one ever wants to end up in prison. I don't want to watch any of the housewives shows but I am pulling for her and her family. 

- I really am not a fan of social media. I keep it for the blog but I could totally do without most of it. I do like seeing your pictures on instagram but I think through blogging and making videos I share enough. I can't keep up with it all. I thought about trying snapchat but yea...it's simply not going to happen. Do you regret any of you'r social media accounts? Maybe I should try to make it fun and be more interactive with you all. :)

- Our oldest daughter has a half sister named Sarah. Sarah has some issues in which a service dog would be helpful for. Under Lauras photo you can find a photo of Sarah and when you click on it...you will be directed to her page that explains her story. Soooooo....if you guys feel like helping, it would be gratefully appreciated. It just started and I am hoping to help get the word out so she can get a service dog. If you have any questions you can contact Laura through her blog right here. 

- The weather here tonight is freeeeeezing! I guess I need to toughen up before we move up north. It's only going to be colder up there in the winters. I just don't even like going out in cold weather. I just don't like it. We should have a fire going tonight. 

- I think I am getting another camera for my birthday! I am totally excited. It's the same one that Laura has and I can't wait to get it. :) 

- This wouldn't be a normal Tuesday Truths post if I didn't complain about Donald Trump. Can you believe he said " P***y " on tv about another candidate. What a first. I mean I like his attitude sometimes but do you really want a mafia styled PRESIDENT? I sure don't. I can't believe people are still standing with this clown. AND he just won the New Hampshire primary. And Sanders on the democratic side. I think Sanders is our next President. In my opinion, any democrat will do.  

- Brittany's little friend has been texting me daily. He's been crazy about her since 2nd grade and this boy I am actually a little nervous about. I not nervous in ways you might think....he's seems to be a wonderful young man. He is a baseball player but very allergic to peanuts! So, I am sure I will have to watch out for that in the coming years but I just think he might be around for many years. She starts high school next year and I don't expect him to go anywhere. At least his mom seems to have done her job well. He is for  abstinence unless married....he goes to church every week and he makes A's & B's. She's too young to date for a couple years but I bet when she can, he will be waiting. 

- My sister in law is starting to feel better. It's not Trina....it's my other sister in law who had surgery a few weeks back. She is still home and is pretty limited in what she can do but her staples came out yesterday! One step in the right direction!

- You know I am not shy about posting stories of animal abusers in the news. I can't help it. I love animals. I feel like I do my best to care for my own and I am not above helping out any stray or abused animals. However, I take my hat off to Ursula Vari. She really shows what it means to truly love and care for an animal. When I was watching the videos last night, I had tears of happiness running down my face. Do yourself a favor and check this story out. 

- I went out today and did some shopping. Thank goodness I did because I must be a spoiled bitch when it comes to coffee. I guess I just like what I like. I bought decaf Gevalia coffee and Scott had opened it up before I had a chance to mention it. Then I buy Folgers. No thank you. So happy the coffee will be extra good tomorrow morning! 

- I was really pressed for time today and I am so proud of myself on how fast I moved through my errands and getting Jackson from school. I came home....got everything out of the bags and set up. Filmed the haul. Put stuff away. Edited the haul...made dinner and fed the animals. Might not sound like a lot but I was in a total hurry shopping and getting Jackson. I still have a little work to do in the kitchen but I am so thankful to be sitting here resting waiting on my husband to come home. I hope you guys had a wonderful day and an even better night. See ya tomorrow. xx
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  1. love watching and reading your things, did you see what Iran did to our soldiers? GO GOP. Can we be friends but disagree about politics? xo xo


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