Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I am back with another edition of Tuesday Truths. Hope you enjoy. 

- I have been more productive just in the couple of this week compared to last week. Lets hope I don't fizzle out! 

- I hate hate hate reading Trump is unstopable. Great. I have to admit my mom is still going strong for him. We totally don't see eye to eye on him but I'm a little nervous. And I don't think Scott would ever vote for him.

- When I woke up this morning it was in the 60's upstairs. I actually woke up because I was so cold. Guess that's what we get for turning the heat off early up there. With a $600 power bill can you blame us!? I've been freezing around here every since this morning. 

- How's that sign above? I need one! My neighbors are proving daily they are bigger idiots than I suspected. I feel like doing an entire blog post .... You know you're neighbors are idiots when......they publicly put these signs in their yards. I guess they support them all or they are just trying to piss me off! :) It doesn't. I thought about filling the yard up with Democrat signs but instead I am putting some posters up. Also these people are still yelling at our kids. I'd like to see them try that with Scott or I. My kids are good so they listen to adults but I think I might just give them a free pass on those neighbors of mine. Who are they to tell my kids what they can or can't do. The sad thing is, no matter what I think of them, I have always treated their kid with kindness. It takes a special kind of asshole to be mean to a couple of kids playing outside. I swear it will be the best day of my life when I can move up out of this neighborhood. Soon...very soon. 

- The best part of errands today was the seat heater. It simply felt amazing on my body. Wouldn't mind having a chair that heats up in the house as well.

- I've been trying to take better care of my nails. I normally pay people to help me in this department but I just want healthy pretty nails without a big price tag. I have been going through a lot of my polishes and plan on doing a video soon about some of my favorite spring favorites. However, just today a nail broke. * Sigh.

- I have to admit, I am still watching the Kardashians. I feel a little ashamed to say that but for some strange reason I find it interesting! Guess it's a guilty pleasure.

- Most of the Valentine candy is finally finished up. Scott looooves chocolates of any kind as does the kids. My indulgence was the truffles and I am sure my ass is starting to show it!

- Sunday Scott and I watched Forsaken. I like a cowboy movie every once in a while. I love Keifer and Donald Sutherland. AND...seeing Demi Moore in it was also interesting. It just needed Emillio Estevez for it to seem like the brat pack was back! Remember Flatliners? Well that was Julia Roberts but anyway, it was a ok movie. I just imagined my grandfather sitting here with us watching.

- I ordered the new book from Kate Hudson. I thought it might just be an interesting read. I'll be sure to let you know in book review.  If I like the book I am reading, I tend to want to share it. So maybe even a giveaway for this book might be in the works!

- A few of my favorite youtubers just have been MIA here lately. Jennifer Ross is off in mommy mode and not filming that much. Hillary from Our Farm House Life is busy with school and work...Julia Graf is not putting up as many videos. I miss these ladies! Life takes over for all of us sometimes.

- Our house eats up batteries...and socks...and pens....I am always searching for batteries for this remote or that remote. I think it might be time we switch out to all rechargeable batteries. Makes more sense.

- Last week this time I was so tired. I actually feel to sleep last Tuesday before 10pm. Like I mentioned in this video, I was just too tired to ignore it. Everything stopped and I got some rest. Today I am feeling a little dozy but it's been rainy and cold for a couple of days now.  I have still managed to stick to schedule and accomplish my normal tasks.

- Speaking of tasks, it's off to bed a little earlier tonight because tomorrow morning Jackson has a Dr. appointment. We will be up and out early and I am not looking forward to it one bit. But at least I will have a good start on the day.

- I have a blanket hanging over the banister that I was washed in bleach and a part of me really likes the smell of bleach flowing through the house. It reminds me of clean.

- I bought a new manners book for Brittany. I think I might get the book for the boys as well. It's a big deal teaching manners to the kids. I wish more parents would take it a little more serious. And believe me, I too have my work cut out for myself on this subject. But until I am gone, I am going to be preaching manners to the kids.

- I found out one of my plates to my new set got broke. I know it's just a plate but my stomach dropped when I realized it. I am just going to order a few more and move on.

- I am a still at a loss when it comes to quickly deleting photos off my phone. Why didn't Apple make this easier? It's sooooo time consuming!

- I CANNOT BELIEVE there is only 1 more Downton Abby left to air. WTF? I wonder if they are going to give us a movie like Sex in the City. I am seriously going to need Downton Abby rehab. I am going to miss it so much.

- Dinner is cooking away in the oven. I am so thankful for dinners that are easy. People tend to think I should be in the kitchen all the time with a certificate in baking and pastry. Yea...not so much. But I think my family will like tonight's dinner which does put a :) on my face.

- I seriously don't understand people who try to call me with no caller id. Did you notice I said...Try to call me because I refuse to answer those calls. Feel free to leave a message....that I will probably never listen to. Good luck getting a hold of me with no number.

I hope you guys had a great Tuesday! We are in the middle of our evening routine. This post has taken a little while to type out and it's about time to eat dinner. I am going to try to get back here a little later tonight and post a new planner video. I actually have 2 planner videos coming up for ya in the next couple of days. One already went live on youtube that I just need to share and I will have another one live late tonight/tomorrow. xx

4 comments on "Tuesday Truths"
  1. Great post! And I love the smell of bleach, too! And chlorine. Weird...I know. ;) Glad you're feeling better. I think you're doing great and every step it will get easier and easier and you'll just get better and better. Take care and thanks for teh post. ~Lori

    1. Thank you so much Lori! You are so kind....and you are right....one step at a time. One day at a time. I am taking today off video wise but I will be sharing a blog post later today and a haul tomorrow! ♥

  2. Why would putting up a political sign in the yard be designed to make you angry? I suppose you would not like me since I am a Cruz supporter.

    1. I would like you silly! I won't lie though....would hope to switch you over to the other side if possible! :) I have been here for quite a few years now and they have never been political until now. They have been awful neighbors for a bunch of reasons and I really do feel they are trying to get under my skin because they know how I feel not only about them but politics as well. They can leave them up all day everyday and it really doesn't matter....thankfully they are not in my view on a daily basis! :) Thanks for stopping by. I am liberal but I do live with a conservative which is a bit strange but you are welcome here anytime! :)


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