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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. I bet many of you are starting off the festivites for the Super Bowl tonight. I on the other hand am sitting here still sleepy trying to find my motivation. I thought today I would share another Sunday Inspiration post. It's been a while since I have written one of these posts but I really want to get my normal blogging and youtube schedule back in order. So here we are...on this beautiful Super Bowl Sunday. 

I feel like for the past month or so I have been dealing with so much negative stuff. From my neighbors to a strange youtuber....not to mention all the stress of everyday life with a husband and two teenage boys. It's not like I don't have enough on my plate already. And instead of being graceful I have just let it all flow from my mouth. I don't see the point in trying to keep it all a big secret. I would rather be myself and just respond. But while I am busy typing like a maniac and trying to defend myself, I am not hearing God. I am not focusing on really what matters. 

For years I have felt the need to stand up for myself. It simply was the way I was raised. Be Strong. Speak up for yourself. Don't take crap off anyone my grandfather use to tell me. And I have done what he has told me so many times in my life. I have stood up when everyone was sitting down to point out something wrong. I have opened my big mouth to defend myself, my family, my friends. I have tried to teach my kids the same thing. I want them to use their voices and not be scared. But there does come to a point when enough is enough. I think right now in all the online crap, it's time to just to keep my mouth shut. I don't want to burden my friends/family/viewers/subscribers with my problems or drama. And for all the past ranting about it....I am sorry. I for some reason just feel the need to stand up and speak out. But a viewer on this video shared her comment that I should kill them with silence. I have thought about this for days now. Should I kill them with silence? Should I not speak out? And after days of pondering those questions my thoughts now's time to be radar silent on these kind of attacks. No matter whatever I say....there will people who won't believe me and it will only get them going even harder. 

I have made peace with not everyone liking me. I really have. I have made peace with people talking crap non stop. Really I have handled it better than most would assume. I can go happily along with my day even after I have read some horrible thing someone said about me. Life goes on. But what I can't do is defend myself day in and day out. When I am in that frame of mind, I am not able to hear Gods message. I know that. I am going to work much harder at keeping my mouth shut and just move on. I have such a beautiful life and that's where I want my energy to go. Time to refocus. The crazy online drama has taken enough of my time already. I hope you follow this blog and my youtube channel because you want to and I am grateful for every comment made on every video and on here. It has truly been a blessing and honor to be a part of this community. I hope to move on to better times and I hope you come with me. ♥  Happy Sunday. Enjoy the Super Bowl! 

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  1. Dear Kisha I've been going through the same thing. Neighbors people and such. Just keep your head up and focus on positive things. I wouldn't even go on hate sites. It just makes you upset. I've also heard that if someone is negative you could ban them from seeing your you tube channel. Don't worry so much about negative people because they usually don't stick around.


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