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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hello friends! I hope your evening is going good. It's been a busy day of cleaning the house up, making and editing videos along with dinner...homework...and so much more. Sorry about the different times my blog posts and videos are going live. I am just getting them done at random. Hope you don't mind. Tonight I am reflecting on January. Can you believe we are already in a new year!? I sure can't. Since a lot didn't happen around here last month...I also address a few questions that have been asked. As always, there is a lot more below. :)


Seeing: a lot of rain here the past few days. I love it but it's hard to stay motivated when its cold, wet and nasty. 
Making: to much time discussing what others think of me. I totally need to get over it. 
Cooking: meatloaf tonight. Easy peasy dinner that Scott likes a lot. 
Drinking: Coke instead of Mt. Dew. But need to get more water in me. 
Hearing: a lot of political stuff....CNN is on
Wanting: for summer. 
Looking: forward to moving. I have actually really loved South Carolina but I miss our family and friends waiting on us to move home. 
Playing: a lot of Adel, Phil Collins and Bonjovi. I should make a mix tape for you guys!
Wasting: too much time! I was sick for a few days last week and it just slowed everything down!
Bookmarking: not that much right now. 
Understanding: I am who I am. I am not ashamed of myself, my family or my friends. We are all just trying to find our way in this big world. 
Wishing: for a vacation with Scott. A little getaway sounds really nice. 
Touching: my keyboard....trying to get this post done by time the video is processed and live on youtube! 
Enjoying: Billions on showtime. Malin Akerman is amazing in it. :)
Waiting: to win the lottery. I bet I will be waiting a hell of a long time! 
Planning: in my Midori Travelers notebook and loving it! 
Liking: myself more and more. I think as the years pass I become more and more confident. 
Wondering: If Scott is taking the kids to school tomorrow or am I. Hummmm...maybe if I just say please!
Loving:  The boys getting along. It's not constant but they are really starting to become close friends. It's going to take a while. They have never lived together. 
Hating: that my mom tore up the piano she was redoing for me. We decided it was probably best but I still hated it. :(
Needing: Daylight savings to change again. I need more sun in my life. 
Smelling: Peaches....a waxy melt that has been lingering through the house all day. 
Wearing: only comfortable warm clothes. Since I am able to be home most days....comfort is all that truly matters. 
Pinning: not that much. 
Learning: Calligraphy still. I need to practice more but sometime I hope to make a video sharing what I have learned....and it would be easy for you to learn as well! 
Teaching:  manners...manners...manners. The kids are doing better but we still have a long way to go!
Noticing: more wrinkles! Please work No, 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Serum. So far I like it! 
Tasting:  some spring jasmine tea. It's a favorite from Mighty Leaf! 
Knowing: we have a beautiful loyal loving family....and that's truly all that matters. 
Thinking: about all I haven't done around here because I wasn't feeling good and how to get it all done a hurry! 
Opening: new sticker orders that I can't wait to share with you! 
Giggling: at my silly husband. I love it when he makes me laugh! 
Feeling: good which I am so grateful because of it. I just want to continue feeling good and accomplishing all my tasks and goals. 
January: went by so fast. To me it seemed like even the days in my planner were turned super fast. I don't know where time went but I am happy we are moving forward into spring and summer. 

Feel free to join in and answer the questions yourself if you are a blogger! I would love to read your answers....leave a link so I can come visit. Have a great night. xx

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