I confess....

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hello friends! I thought tonight I would write one of these posts just cause....it's been a while. Hope you enjoy! 

- No matter how much sleep I get, I wake up still exhausted. It's a never ending cycle. Something seriously needs to change. 

- I hate our insurance costs. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. My ex husband actually doesn't pay for it and actually pays the fine at tax time and just uses the immediate care center when needed. I thought that was a pretty dumb thing to do as well but now I am starting to wonder. If we are not careful we are going to be insurance broke. 

- I have been using my Midori Planner for everything. I wonder if I could write that off tax wise!? I bet my sister in law would say yes! Hummmm......would planner stickers count too!? 

Singing in a bubble bath- We totally get into around here over the hot water. We have a huge tank but we all suck it up every time. I get sooooooo mad when I want to enjoy a long hot bath only to realize that the water is cold. I just don't think the boys get how important a hot bubble bath is to a girl! I don't think anyone in this house understands a 5 minute shower. 

- I have a ton of emails to answer and just haven't gotten to them. I have a ton of videos I should be recording...and haven't gotten to them. I have a ton of blog post all thought out that I just haven't gotten to yet. It seems like its just been a lot with everyday life and it seems like I have been cleaning a little more.  I need to find some serious inspiration/motivation to get everything checked off the to do list. 

- To be completely honest, this dark hair of mine is just not doing it for me. Why do we always want what we doing have? I am not leaving my hair this dark for long. I will probably just go to the salon and have them fix it the way I want and be done with it. My best friend said she knew the moment I changed it....would not last! 

- I didn't know the ambulance was at the neighbors until my kids told me. I was a little late checking in with them to see if they needed a cooked dinner or any kind of help. I am truly a nice neighbor to the ones I like....however for most of them....I just don't care.

- Today was one of those days when I was yelling in the phone over how stupid I sometimes think my husband is. He's not really stupid but some of the shit he does would totally register as dumb. Marriage is the hardest thing I have ever done and yes I still love my husband.

- I have been following Joey Feek and her husband for a little while now. Joey is dying of Cancer. She made it through Valentines Day, The Grammy's which they were nominated for and today was her daughters 2nd birthday. It wasn't even thought she would make it until Thanksgiving. Today I actually thanked God for letting her have this very special day with daughter. Rory wrote...''...some birthdays are more than just birthdays. They're dreams coming true and prayers being answered.'

- I kept my phone on silent again today. I only talked to 2 people all day long. I have kinda checked out but I really need to get my head back in the game.

- I can't believe there is another Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 that is coming out in just days!!!! I loved the first one and I can't wait to giggle through the 2nd one. Speaking of movies....I watched Creed and was NOT disappointed! LOVED IT!

- Being a wife and mother I feel like I have totally turned into some kind of stalking/CIA Agent. There is so much to keep up on. Video games, texts, text apps, photos, internet safety. And even with Scott...I am always checking in on him through find my iphone.... same goes for Brittany. It seems to be never ending. I just want things to be ok and my kids to be safe. I feel like Jennifer Garner in Men, Women and Children.

- I really need to clean out my car. Hell, I need to clean the outside too. Guess I should just send it in with Scott and have him take care of it at the dealership. Plus it's about time for an oil change.

- We have enjoyed a little too much Valentine candy around here. Like seriously....tooooo much! We all should be brushing our teeth after a having a little chocolate treat otherwise my kids might have some cavities from all the candy!

-  I was pretty disapointed in the Grammy's this year. Girl crush sounded the best to me and I hated how Adel's song went down. I don't know....it too long and just not good enough this year.

- Romeo has been running around this house tonight meowing over and over. He needs to calm his ass down before I go climb in the bed!

I hope you guys are having a great night! I'll see ya tomorrow. xx

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  1. Hi Kisha,
    I am the same way with sleeping and waking up as if I never slept. Even if it means unexpected spending or putting on credit for a month, purchase a new mattress, it can actually make a world of difference. Not a firm one but rather a plush one. Here is link to one.


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