Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hello friends! Happy Tuesday to you all. I thought tonight I would share another Tuesday Truth's blog post. It's a bit snarky at times...but I think we all need times to cut loose and vent. Grab some tea and enjoy! 

- The UPS man totally botched delivering our packages. I had to go...come home... go again to the big center. Only to have to go back this morning. Fun Fun. And they actually gave me someone else's package! Thankfully I was still in the parking lot when I figured that out. Seriously use Fed Ex when you can. 

- Tonight while I sit here and type I feel just a little better. I have a new camera, I have a review and giveaway up and the house is fairly clean. * And it feels good! 

- Nothing on TV tonight. I wish someone could remind me why I pay a cable bill!?

- Snow days have taken over the past few days. The boys have been doing pretty good at home but yesterday they got testy with each other a little bit. They were on a 2 hour delay which didn't bother me too bad. I got up at 9am and have been going every since. 

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- Not sure what is going on with one of my neighbors. I think I must have done something...again to upset them. I think they must be super sensitive or something. I can't wait to move out of this house. We try to be good neighbors. We try to get along with everyone but this is exactly why I hate living in neighborhoods opposed to a house in the country. I don't want anyone on top of me and I sure don't want to have to worry about pissing off the neighbors. But I sure can't please everyone and that's the way it is. Plus I really just don't care.

- I have been having a big challenge with my planners. I love on in particular but I am using two for different reasons. I might just end up really switching it up. I keep going back and forth but honestly I have been loving simple planning. 

- This winter weather has been really drying my skin out. I lathered up with a sugar scrub last night in the shower and it felt amazing. I think it's going to happen again tonight. 

- My mom has been working her ass off on my piano. I can't believe how much she is doing being I don't really play but plan on learning. Here's a few pictures to check out her progress. 

She's wanting me to be included in it all. So I have been redoing a piano myself in regards to trim, brass or not brass hinges, fabric...she still has to destress it out a lot but I am really excited. I can't believe my mom has tore this piano apart and working hard to make it great. I picked the 6th fabric down. And she sent a lot of photos. I love the blue stripe and flowers. So that's what we are going with. Oh and I love the way the keys look laid out! I'm so proud of her.

And this is kinda our inspiration...

- I've been sneezing a lot here lately. It could be the cats but I doubt it. Maybe its a cold but it's so annoying. 

- I got a couple of new books in today. Now comes the challenge of actually taking time to sit back and read. I will probably switch out late night tv for one of them. Plus its better to read than watch tv at night anyway. 

- This adorable dog did what any mom would do...and it was beautiful to see. I wish more people realized how smart and loving animals really are. I can play a kitten sound on my phone and Gabby goes nuts. It's just instinct and it never goes away.

- I have had the worst luck with electronics and even problems with my video editor. It was truly pissing me off and then I just got over it. It felt weird not filming so I used my phone and other cameras a little but I hated it. The camera that came in today is nothing compared to the one that I broke so I guess it's time to really call Sony and see what or how much it's going to cost to have it fixed....out of warranty.  However, I am thankful to feel like at least for now I am back in business! :)

- The Democratic Town Hall Discussion was interesting last night. I listened to Sanders and Hilary and liked what they both had to say....but I'm still going with Hilary. But lets be clear...I vote to the left EVERY TIME. But I am still hoping she will be the Democratic Nominee. However, the silly Republican front runner is now refusing to attend the debate over Megan Kelly. Seriously. I'm so over it. He's a mess. Your vote matters. Please think about what you are doing if that man is your pick. I don't care if it's right or not to talk politics. This is my blog and I will just say it. Donald Trump isn't the answer. Nope. Nope. Nope.

- Sometimes I don't totally feel like I can be myself online. I feel like I have to censor myself on certain subjects and it's just a matter of time before that stops. Once my kids are older, there is going to be some serious discussion on some things. ( If I am still making videos and blogging ) My best friend says I will for sure be doing this in another 4 years so chances are....I have a lot to say.

- My sister in law ( Marie not Trina ) had surgery today. I was going to call her but I decided tomorrow would be better. I totally wish I was there though. I really think its past time to move back home. Feel better Marie!

- - Royal Romeo has been running and meowing all through the house. I guess he is feeling good and wanting to get a little exercise! I swear he has no idea he's a cat let alone let alone an animal. Yep. Not this cat. He follows me everywhere...meows all the time, hes such a love.

- It has started to warm up around here. I have to say my little Mini Cooper got around just fine on the snowy icy roads. I have a little snowflake button that I pressed and it drove great. I didn't slip once. However, I get in the big 4 wheel truck Scott was driving and I totally slid. I am actually impressed with my Mini Cooper and snow button!

- I don't think I am ever going to paint my nails a bright color again. Maybe my toenails but that's it. I really just don't like that much color and I am so over having all these polishes I don't like or use. I am going to clean them out and stock up with more neutral colors that doesn't show chips as easy and doesn't stand out.

- I can't wait for a long bubble bath tonight. I stayed busy today and it's time to relax. I hope you guys have a great night. Don't forget to get entered in the giveaway! 

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  1. Your hair color looks awesome Kisha!! And I wouldn't worry what people think of what you write on your blog, screw, screw me girl!! It's your blog, your entitled to your own damn opinion honey!! That what I like about you, you keep it real. Most people on YT are so fake and I just unsubscribe. Who wants a stepford you tuber! Lol Have a great week!


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