Friday Letters

Friday, January 29, 2016

Hello friends! Happy Friday to you all. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Here is another edition of Friday Letters. Hope you enjoy. 

- Dear God, Thank you for allowing me to be here another week with my kids and family. I don't understand everything you have in store for my life, but I trust in you. I trust you will lead me where you want me. Please protect my family. 

- Dear Weather, I am so glad you are starting to warm up. The snow was fun....but I love that it's melted and life is back to normal. 

- Dear Brittany, I miss you. Sorry I got upset but remember I am your mom not your friend. You won't always agree with me but too bad. I am still your mother and I love you with all my heart. 

- Dear Royal Romeo, You are so much better than most people I know. King kitty cat of the Jaggers family! 

- Dear Marie, So sorry for everything you have been going through. I hope you feel better really soon. I think at least being at home, you will automatically start to feel better. I'll call you later today. 

 - Dear Phone, I have loved loved loved having you on silent. I don't think my mom or husband appreciates it but it's been so nice not hearing it ring or all my notifications coming in. It's been peaceful to say the least. 

- Dear Nails, you are really starting to look so much better thanks to Sally Hansen Miracle Cure. After years of damage from fake nails, they are finally starting to look better. What a slow process. 

- Dear Scott, I hope you are having a good day at work. Too bad you didn't get a day off this week....even though you annoy me to no end some nights, I love and miss you. 

- Dear Cookie Monster, don't think I don't know who you are. It's pretty pathetic if you ask me. need to focus on your own family and leave mine alone. Bitching on some site just proves to me your every bit of the asshole I thought you were. This blog is my property. Stay away from it....which I know you won't do. Go spread hate and lies since you clearly have nothing better to do. Here's an idea....take care of your animals and stop tossing them outside to fend for themselves. that. And if you ever come to my door again, I'm breaking out the mace. And yep...your sister is blocked too even though she's probably nothing like the crazy person you are. And just so you know when I talk crap about you... I don't hide who I am like you do. But I'll still pray for you. That's the least I can do for a two faced phony. ( Sorry for venting friends. I will explain all in detail in good time) 

- Dear Mountain Dew, I know you are super bad for me so why do I love you so? It's seriously time we part ways. I just will miss you even though you have not done anything for me except make my taste buds happy. It's time to move on and I know it. 

- Dear Mom, Thank you so much for putting so much work into the piano. It's exactly why I plan on keeping it forever. I can't wait to get moved and get it in the house! I love you. 

- Dear Closet, I have cleaned you out so much that I feel like I need to go shopping now. But I think it will have to wait until we get a little closer to spring. 

- Dear Zane, I am so happy you finally feel like you are settling in here. We love having you here and it's been so sweet being with you the past few months. I think God put you exactly where you needed to be. It might not have been expected but it's a blessing never the less. 

- Dear Fox News, I am actually happy The Donald didn't show up. I feel like you guys begging him to show up just made you look weak. 

- Dear Trina, Thank you for all you do. I know that you are not always thanked or acknowledged but you have been such an important part of my life. We love you. Oh and boy I have some gossip for you today...I'll call soon.

- Dear Body, you have really felt awful the last few days. I am so thankful to be able to be home especially on the days I feel awful. The past couple of days I haven't accomplished much but that's the blessing of being home with my family and also working from home.

- Dear Laura, You are such an amazing person and I know you will find that good job you are looking for. Just be patient! Kiss your kids for us. 

- Dear Chantix, I'm really counting on you. 

- Dear Jackson, I'm sorry about your chair. I will do my best to fix it but you have to be easier with your things. I love you and hope you are having a great day at school. It's Friday! 

- Dear Midori Planner, I love you. I tried switching it up with my Inkwell Press but I just couldn't do it. Thanks for making my life easier. 

- Dear Grandma, I hope you know how much I love and miss you. I know things are different and I am sure it scares you but your family really does love you. We all do and I can't wait to get up north and see you. 

- Dear Self, everyday is a clean slate. Everyday remind yourself of that. Then remind yourself to do the things you will regret NOT doing.  

- Dear Blog/ Youtube Friends, Thank you for coming and sharing our lives. We are not perfect by any strech of the imagination but we are a family. We love each other and we love our blog and we love our youtube channel. I was just checking out stats last night and so far on this blog I have had 1,474,221 visits to this blog and our youtube channel is growing daily with over 20k subscribers. I feel like I earned everyone of those subscribers! And every time a email comes in saying someone new has subscribed, I thank them quietly to myself. This blog and that channel is here for you guys. I hope you enjoy new posts and videos as well as the older ones. We love sharing with you and believe guys are simply the best. I feel blessed because of you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 
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