DITL Vlog: Snow Days!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Hello friends! Happy snow day to many of you. We have some cold weather going on here in South Carolina tonight and the kids have loved it. Zane has really never been in the snow much and it's all new to him. They played out there for a couple of hours. One of the neighbors didn't like the kids in the yard but their family was all over our yard at Christmas....yada...yada...yada...another story for another time. I don't know why someone has to be mean to some kids but no big deal. They still had a fun time! Scott is in a big truck right now making it easier to get around so they headed out to the golf course to enjoy some sledding. I've had a bunch of computer problems but hopefully everything is ok now. It's all thanks to Windows 10 but I wont even get on that subject. I could seriously bitch forever about it taking up all my time for days and making it impossible to get anything else done. I lost some clips that were for this vlog so I just kinda pieced together what I actually did have. Hope you enjoy! 

I hope you guys are having fun with all the winter weather. I have been freezing all day but it's been really sweet to see the kids play and enjoy the day off. However, we are not too prepared for this kind of weather. I think by time we move up north, we better get some more winter gear and clothes. :) See ya soon! xx

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