Belated Tuesday Truths

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hello everyone. I am back tonight with another edition of Tuesday Truths that should have went live yesterday! Sorry... Hope you enjoy. 

- I have a head full of dreams tonight. I could fill up a notebook with all the hopes and dreams for the new year in my thoughts this evening. 

- For some strange reason I tuned into a on demand Keeping up with the Kardishans show. I was kinda ashamed of myself for a few minutes but I totally watched. I guess with very few shows on right now I am at the bottom of the barrel. 

- The trash man seriously forgot to come to our house yesterday. I tried calling over and over and no answer all day. Then today I finally get someone on the phone and they said, I guess he forgot. Ummmmm. You don't forget when I owe you money!? Utterly ridiculous. 

- I know I shouldn't complain but the to do list created for me by Jackson is just insane. I swear that kid never wants to give me a break!

- I really want Carrie Mathison's job on homeland. Like seriously, I would love to hunt down terrorists. I can hunt down my kids and husband pretty well so I bet I would be good at it. Just like most of the wives in the US! Have I mentioned it's one of my favorite shows!? I think I have! I am so ready for the next season. I hate to admit it but this scene from season one reminds me of myself. What's that mean!? I guess it means I have one hell of a temper and maybe a bit bipolar! Hahahahahaahahaah! Just kidding! I totally love the show. 

- I love it when people underestimate me. Nothing feels better than proving them wrong. I totally love a good I told you so.

- It is so cold here. I shouldn't complain because we don't have snow. YET. I woke up freezing the other night...shaking barely able to get to the thermostat and guess what!? It was on air. I about died. It was soooooo cold. Thanks boys! 

- What the F--k is going on with North Korea? A hydrogen nuke test??? Are you kidding me? Not a good day in history. How sick is that? Kim Jong Un needs to be eliminated....FOREVER.

- I love my kids and my family however.... I miss my husband a lot. I wish I could have been around to influence him into a different profession that doesn't require the kind of hours that a dealership does. It's hard not having him here much. 

- I don't know who ever said cats are up all night chasing mice. Our cats meow at the bedrooms doors wanting in. Another reason we can never seem to get a good nights rest around here. 

- The kids are getting along better. I never know how long it will last but I am thankful they are finally starting to act like friends. 

- I have been so productive today however the clock is ticking and I got a big pot of chili made. Perfect for this cold night. 

- I think my mom is trying to get me a piano. OMG! She talking about one she will have to redo and retune but holy shit....I would love that! Thank you mom... and no I don't have my hopes up. :) I love you bunches...and I will try to get your coat mailed off soon mom! 

- My daughters phone has been not working for a few days. I think its been driving my exhusband crazy how much I keep calling his phone trying to get a hold of her. They made the big city trip to the Apple Store for the first time today and it's fixed. :) It's crazy how kids really do need their own phones. 

- I don't know what people are thinking with Donald Trump. I take it so personal too. What a joke. His politics are mostly just a mix of bragging about how great America used to be and bullying other countries and politicians who don’t feel the same way. I would still put my dog in the White House before him. Your vote matters.

I hope you guys have a great night. I'll be back with a new video tomorrow! xx

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  1. I had to chuckle at your comment about watching Keeping up with the Kardishans. I have a couple shows I feel guilty about watching, but just cant resist. ha. They suck me in. Teen Mom and 16 & pregnant. I don't know why, they just pull me in every time I scan it on the dvr.


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