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Monday, December 28, 2015

Hello friends. I hope you are having a wonderful afternoon. :)  I am back today with a new week in review and day in the life vlog. I have been doing vlogmas the past few weeks but Christmas is over I am done with vlogmas. I didn't particularly enjoy it as much this year and I don't think I will sign up for that again next year. However, I do enjoy the weekly vlogs. I plan on continuing to vlog a little each day to share in a weekly vlog so don't worry...I am going to continue vlogging just not as much! So here is how the last few days days went. Hope you enjoy! 

This past week:

This past week has been a little strange. Leading up to Christmas we were spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Most years we make cookies and treats together and even this year the boys wanted to do it....at first. But they didn't do the mixing. They didn't really want to cut them out and they sure didn't want to ice them! They were more than happy to play together or on the xbox and have mom do it this year. Both of the boys are getting older and I guess 13 year old boys just don't want to be in the kitchen that much. It's different and instead of getting disappointed or upset, I just went with it. I baked a bunch of cookies and they have been eating a bunch of cookies. Like I said, I think our traditions and holiday happenings are changing. I never really thought about the kids not wanting to do this or that any longer. I guess I just thought they would always enjoy those things we did together. 

On Christmas Eve Scott had to work a few hours but the strangest part of the day was the weather. I mean 72 degree weather on Christmas just does not feel right to me. Unless of course I am in Florida for Christmas or something. It was just strange. It also rained in the afternoon too. I love warm weather but something tells me that this weather in late December is just not good. Maybe we are not taking care of our planet or maybe mother nature is about to show us who really is boss. It's just too weird to me. However, it didn't keep me out of the kitchen. 

I got busy making a quick but delicious dinner on Christmas Eve. However, earlier in the day the kids got their Christmas gifts...aka money and wanted to go to Game Stop before dinner. Zane had a big transaction to make by selling his old xbox and a bunch of games to be able to get the new xbox one. Their budget was $300 this year and the xbox plus some games ( because the old games won't work on it ) meant he needed a little more help. So thankfully Scott got home a little early and while I was working on dinner, the boys were shopping! They came home happy happy. We all sat down to dinner. Scott said a beautiful prayer before dinner and through out dinner we talked about the birth of Jesus, the history of the Christmas tree and the meaning of the Candy Cane. The boys might want to switch up some of the traditions, they couldn't escape the conversation at the dinner table. It was actually nice. I don't think Zane knew the history of the tree or the meaning of the candy cane. And I bet next year he can tell us all more about it! :) It was nice time and once we were done the boys were off to enjoy all their new devices and games. Scott and I collapsed in the living room for a while but I had to get Jackson packed up because we were meeting his dad on Christmas Eve. 

It was a long morning drive in the rain and Scott hit something and ended up tearing his bumper off. It was dark and the rain was coming down and he couldn't see that well. It scared me to death. At first it felt and sounded like a flat tire but it was bumper dragging. Perfect huh? Scott was seriously picking up pieces of his car on the lonely wet highway. Thankfully we could still drive and made it to Tennessee. Again not really the way I wanted to spend Christmas day but it was my ex's turn to have Christmas with the kids. 

We made it home safely in even more rain and we both were so tired. We ended up watching a movie and ending our night early. Saturday I woke up feeling a lot better, not near as tired or grumpy and started in on cleaning up the house.  I didn't take down the tree or decorations but I cleaned up the garage, Jackson's room, wiped down the kitchen counters really well and just got things cleaned up around here. It needed it. But I was wore out and had to get up on Sunday and go get Jackson. Another 8 hours in the car. It totally sucked but this time we didn't hit anything. :) We made it there and back with no problems....thank goodness. Scott and I were terribly tired last night. We both didn't get enough sleep on Saturday and were basically zombies around the house Sunday. I dozed off a couple of times on the couch but it wasn't for long. I couldn't have been happier when I was climbing in my soft bed last night. 

Here's a few things I have to do this week: 

:: Kids home still for Christmas break....so the house is loud!
:: Organizing the closets on the 1st floor. 
:: Deleting some photos from my phone. I won't try to explain again how hard that actually is. Thanks Apple. 
:: Taking down decorations and getting rid of tree. 
:: BTW....I hope the garbage man gets the ton of trash at the end of the driveway today. It's huge.
:: Taking a little time to clean up my closet. 
:: Respond to Christmas cards...check PO Box on Friday and send out snail mail! 
:: Scoop kitty boxes. Yuck!
:: Mop kitchen floor. 
:: Check on friends and family up north. 
:: Make time to get on the treadmill....charge and update fitbit. 
:: Get to the grocery store....probably today or tomorrow. 
:: Water plants. 
:: Make some time to do some fun things with the boys this week while they are out of school. 
:: Take a walk with Cooper and the kids. 
:: Clean up files on computer
:: Film videos. Yep....going to go back to my regular schedule and couldn't be happier about it! 
:: Work on January family calendar. 
:: Watch less CNN
:: Pay bills. 
:: Clean oven and microwave. I seriously hate cleaning the oven. 
:: Dye hair.....the grey is showing. Guess I am getting old!

Here's some inspiration to take with you through the week! 
Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing in our lives. Vlogmas was great because of you and your comments pushing me forward when I was doubting myself a lot. I'm sorry if I complained a lot. It just was harder sharing daily vlogs instead of one vlog a week and some other videos sprinkled in between. I didn't enjoy it as much this year because of the negativity of some but I still loved talking with you through the comments and emails.  - You guys are simply amazing friends...thank you - I still feel like vlogging is something I enjoy but I weekly vlogs. So that's what we are going back to! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Our Christmas was little different but I loved being with my family and I feel good that the kids were happy. I don't want it to be all about the gifts or money. I think next year we are all going to do homemade gifts. I think it might just be funner and homemade does not mean free. But trying to figure out what I would make everyone is going to be hard. Better start thinking about it soon! 

I love that we are about to start a new year. It truly makes me happy. It's about a fresh start. It's another year of watching our kids grow up and mature. I look forward to it. How did your Christmas go? Are you excited about 2016? :)) I'll be back this week with more blog posts and videos. Be sure to come back and check them out! ♥

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