Vlogmas 2015 | Decemeber 2, 2015 DITL Vlog: Reflecting

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hello! I hope you are having a great evening! I am here sharing a new video in the  Vlogmas 2015 series. Vlogmas or Vlogidays ( last year ) can mean different things to different youtubers and or bloggers. Most of the time it means a daily vlog each day. I am kinda going to go at it in my own way this year. I am hoping to vlog daily but I will sometimes be switching it up! I am not going to announce any changes before hand but instead we will just roll with it together in the moment. So here's to the holidays with another Vlogmas video. Hope you enjoy!

Being I shared some of my reflections from last month in the vlog above, I am including this fun reflecting post. I think the reflecting video and this post go hand in hand. If you are a youtuber or blogger, I would love to see your answers....if you want to participate! 

Seeing:  the horrific news about California on CNN. It's heartbreaking to watch and hear. 
Making: time to myself right now. Dinner is done, kids fed, kitchen clean, animals fed...now I am relaxing for a while. 
Cooking: Leftover Turkey Pot Pie with Cheddar Biscuits.  
Drinking: Coke....not proud of it but that's what it is. 
Hearing:  Super Cooper lick his bowl clean. 
Wanting: a kid free mini vacation! 
Looking: to the new year in hopes everything will slow down and fall into place. 
Playing: youtube videos while enjoying a bath most nights. It's about the only time I can get to enjoy some of my favorite youtubers. 
Wasting: the time in bed every night tossing and turning. I don't know what the heck is going on with me. 
Bookmarking: a bunch of new recipes that I want to try. 
Understanding: that there are more people who support me than who dislikes me. Going to focus on the good and move on. 
Wishing: We had more light in the day. These early nights is not helping at all. 
Touching: this keyboard! 
Enjoying: watching the cats play with a old reciept they found some where in the house. It's amazing how one little piece of paper can be so entertaining for the kitty cats! 
Waiting: on Scott to get home. I miss him. 
Planning: Christmas. I am happy for the holidays but they are already stressing me out a little bit. I will be happy to just get to the new year. 
Liking: the boys getting along. 
Wondering: when we will get moved. I can't wait! 
Loving: my family. My mom and sister in law and best friend are all family I couldn't live without. And of course I'm loving my husband and kids. 
Hoping: to get our credit card debt paid off as soon as possible. 
Hating: how bad my elbow is hurting. I hit it today and it's so painful. 
Needing: a Christmas tree stand and some more twinkle lights. 
Smelling: The turkey pot pie that came out of the oven a little bit ago. 
Pinning: not that much. :(
Learning: let things go that bother me and give it to God. 
Teaching:  my kids to put up the dishes right. It's a constant struggle to find things in the kitchen. Time to pay better attention. 
Noticing: my feet are starting to hurt. Even more of a reason to take it easy tonight. 
Tasting: a lot of veggies here lately. 
Knowing: That my husband loves me....above everything else, he simply loves me and I love him for it. 
Opening: some new products that I plan on reviewing sometime soon! 
Giggling: at some of the funny shit that comes out my best friend and sister in laws mouths. :)
Feeling: Tired. Tired. Tired. 
November: November was amazing because Zane moved in full time. It's also been a struggle getting the kids to get along but it was a great month. Thanksgiving was a little rough but seeing my mom made it all worth it. I have kinda been a little down the past couple of weeks but I am working hard to focus on other stuff and move on to a new day, a new month and a new year! 

Tonight has been busy and I am so happy to basically be done with most everything. I hope your day has gone well. I'll see ya tomorrow with a new vlog! Thank you for stopping by and spending some time with us. How's your day going? I'll see ya soon. Please get subscribed: 


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  1. :( aww I miss watching your vlog and videos. I haven't watched youtube in a long while. Been sick and dealing with some things. But hope you have a Happy Holiday!!
    Hugs, Mo


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