Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Welcome back to another edition of Tuesday Truths....hope you enjoy! 

- Scott worked super late last night and I hated it. The car business has taken care of our family but the sacrifices he makes day in and day out is crazy. 

- Our oldest daughters phone is broke and I HATE it. Thank goodness for her being able to call on facebook. Laura get your phone fixed!!

- I can't stand Donald Trump. I know you have probably heard it before.....but I would rather my cat be President than him. I think it just shows how screwed up the Republican party is. And guess what the real kicker is? My mom loves him. | eye roll |

- Last night a glass casserole busted in the oven. Hows that for a start to a fresh week. Ha! It took forever to get the oven to cool down where I could clean it up. And then it took forever. Needless to say, my neck and back are aching because of it. 

- That vlog that went live yesterday has soooo many kind comments. Gosh you guys. I'm not quitting but I just want to vlog everyday. You guys are some of the sweetest people on the planet and I appreciate all your kind words. 

- Check out these little Manhattan apartments for 3k a month that includes a weekly butler service. I think I could totally live in one but I would never pay that price. Thats a thousand dollars more than what we pay for the house we are in. I guess location is everything. 

- Boys are grounded again. Real shocker huh!? I hate it too. I don't want to ground them but last night I gathered up power cords and electronics at 1:30am. I couldn't believe they were yelling, slamming doors, arguing and crying..and Scott didn't hear a thing! I really really want them to start getting along. I also know that brothers fight and argue sometimes and I don't always have to be the one to sort it out. However there does come a time when enough is enough. They just got un-grounded a day or two ago and back at it again today. I am hoping that maybe I can just let this one go and let them try again. :) 

- I need to film a video sometime today. Guess I better get on that as soon as possible! I really want to get back to a normal video schedule but I totally suck at it! 

- I didn't sleep well at all last night. I tossed and turned and was looking at the clock at 5am thinking how terrible I was going to feel today due to lack of sleep. Oddly enough, I don't feel that bad. 

- We have been working on manners here lately. I feel like with Zane moving in and Jackson being just himself, they need to go back to basic's with manners. And believe me my 13 year old boys don't care at all about manners....which is why it's time for a refresher. 

- I wish we could get things figured out on what we are going to do home wise. Are we going to stay here? Are we moving up north and when? Decisions...decisions...

- It's about time to get all the holiday decorations down. I know this might sound like a Grinch but I am kinda happy Christmas is over and that we are starting a new year. I'm ready to take it all down. 

- My best friend was trying to talk me off a ledge last night regarding the kids. " They are going to fight. " she kept saying over and over. You know, when they kids were babies we never had a thought run through our heads that they wouldn't get along. Gosh....naive young parents we once were. 

- The weather is still pretty nice. We have had some rain but right now the sun is out and it's a beautiful day. I think it's suppose to get a little cooler but it's strange being so warm right now. I know we are in the south but most of the time our winters have been pretty cold. Not so much snow but cold. 

I hope you are having a wonderful afternoon. I'll be back soon. 

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  1. Kisha, You are paying 2,000 a month or even close for rent? You should get on remax.com or check craigslist and see what prices are in the middle of Missouri. A mansion might go for 2,000. Easily find a 3 bedroom house in a good neighborhood for 700 here. Columbia / Jefferson City is the specific area I am referring to. Not trying to get in your business just sharing information.


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