Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hello friends. I'm back with another edition of Tuesday Truths. This is just one of 3 posts going live today...hope you enjoy! 

:: For the life of me I can't find a fast easy way to delete all the pictures off my iphone. I guess it's just going to take hours to get them all off. I think they did it that way so we would be forced to spend minute after minute...hour after hour deleting photos or we can buy more storage. They're not fooling anyone. 

:: I wonder how many of you know how much I love maps and world globes. I don't have a big collection or anything but I love them. I have to admit that the talking map on my phone is probably more handy but this map from the 1900's showing you how long it would take to get from point a to point b is amazing. I want to print it out and frame it. 

:: I sometimes wonder how the hell the neighbors sleep with the dogs barking so much. My mom even complained while here over Thanksgiving. Guess it's time to get some ear plugs otherwise I am going to keep waking up grumpy! 

:: I feel like some people got the wrong idea from the Thanksgiving vlog. So I would like to clear a couple of things up...right here...right now. Our kids are amazing. For the most part they are getting along. It's been adjustment on everyone to have Zane move in. But a very much welcomed adjustment. It doesn't matter to me if the kids don't always get along. They are all our children and they have to deal with it. Our home is open to each of them. I wasn't just upset about the boys fighting. There was a lot more going on inside me than them. We have a lot going on in our extended family that also worry and stress us out. The boys were just a small fraction of the it all. However, we are a family and here for each other even on the worst days....end of story. 

:: It's been so cold and rainy the past coupe of days...that's depressing all on it's own. I love the rain but this cold rain where we can't even have the door open to hear it or get a breeze because I think it's freezing. Yuck.

:: I know some commenters on youtube and here are my blog are long time friends. I appreciate all your advice and love through the words you type or even through the handwritten notes that come through the post office. But not all who comment are good and kind. Some person left me a comment last night * it's deleted so don't bother trying to find it * that said so much wrong. A little right but a lot wrong. They acted like they have been up in my home or better yet in my head and had everything figured out. In that moment of reading her book...seriously it was so long, I understood that going back and forth with them would not be worth it. Delete...goodbye...they should have emailed me privately if they had so much to say. 

:: I don't know about you guys but I am sick and tired of Donald Trump. I have to admit he was kinda funny/entertaining in the beginning but enough already. I swear...I will probably fall over of a heart attach if that man gets sworn in as PRESIDENT. 

:: The house is looking pretty good. It took a lot of work yesterday but I couldn't be more thankful. Now some detailed cleaning through the week to make things even better. Plus I want to try to throw more clutter away while I'm at it. 

:: I am obsessed with ballet right now. I watched every documentary I could find and I am still searching. For some reason it grabbed my attention and hasn't let go. 

:: Someone I don't really even know got upset that I wasn't playing Monopoly with the Scott and the boys a few days ago. Little did they know that I was busy cleaning, doing laundry, making dinner, taking care of the animals for the new upcoming week. It was a Sunday and I was trying to get everything ready for a new week at school. I didn't want to sit down at the table to play a 3 hour game. Yea.. no thanks. And if you are judging me off that....I really wish you would just stay away. I have teenagers not babies. They are more than capable of playing some games without me. 

:: My mom didn't like the fact I said her dog Cody was mean and bit 2 people. I stand corrected you guys... by mom. It was a growl and snap NOT a bite both times! :) I love you mom. 

:: I jumped out of the bath last night and put my hair in a towel....only to realize a couple minutes later that I had not rinsed out the conditioner. Yep....right back in the shower I went. 

:: Scott is the closest person to me in my life besides a few woman whom I adore. He is a best friend of sorts. And while life might not be perfect, he's still my husband and someone I love. I think sometimes people forget we have been together for 12 years at this point. I get fed up sometimes but it's hard to imagine him not being on this journey with me. I think we just need to try to make more time for each other. 

:: I can't wait for Downton Abbey to come back on. But I'm still sad this is it. No more seasons. I guess I will just have to start watching from the beginning again! I am going to miss it so much. 

:: I am starting to reconsider vlogmas. Or maybe how I do it. I feel like the judging is going to start and I am going to end up unhappy. Idk.  Still trying to figure it out. Maybe some days will be vlogs and other days will be videos on their own under the vlogmas title. 

:: I have been kinda in the dumps here lately. Not sure why but I think it's just the stresses of life that I allow to bother me. You read that right. I totally allow issues to take over and it needs to stop. I can only control myself and that's where I am going to start. I am hoping to shake off the negative stuff and find the happiness and relief that I so need. :) As I said many times....life goes on. 

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Tuesday. I'll be back with a new video a little later today! 

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3 comments on "Tuesday Truths "
  1. Disable comments on videos! There is nothing wrong with how you love your life. People have serious problems of their own when they think they can judge another persons life.

  2. I wouldn't concern yourself with the "hateful trolls". They are everywhere sadly trying to sabotage good people and what they do. Which in the end is not of their damn business in how anybody lives their life! I'm thin skinned too, but remember the good subscribers outweigh the bad 100 times over. Adore you Kisha! ������

  3. Not sure that others will agree, but to make your life/vlogmas easier, how about making the videos just that bit shorter? I enjoy watching your vids, but find them a bit too long sometimes. I prefer shorter but more often. Just a suggestion. Thoughts?


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