Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hello friends! I am back with another Tuesday Truths post. I know it's going up a little late but hey...why not!? Hope you enjoy! 

- I am still shocked about the terrorism in Paris. I don't personally know what it's going to take to end this but I willing to try anything at this point. I think we should personally bomb the shit out of them and move on to the next target. We have to keep our country/world safe. 

- Willow has been fighting with Oreo through the screen since we got home and cracked the door for some fresh air. Scott would seriously take that cat in if he thought they would get along. I would not. We have enough kitty cats. 

- Dinner tonight was soup and salad and I must say...it was the perfect dinner tonight. I am tired and trying to catch up on a bunch of other stuff and I just didn't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen tonight. 

- I was looking in my closet before we left and I just don't feel like I have a lot of clothes that I like anymore. I don't know why but it's something I need to work on in then near future. 

- I don't know why it's so hard to get the boys to brush their teeth without being told. I once said no cell phones until you remember to brush your teeth everyday. Guess what? They got the phones and still don't remember or want to do it. Yep...I'm a push over and I will keep reminding them until the cows come home if need be. 

- I was standing in the store the other day and there was a person in front of me with a big order but they smelled horrible. I was just wanted to scream out...go take a shower and put on some deodorant. Instead I stood there with just my thoughts. 

- Scotts sister helped us out so much the past month. I appreciate our relationship so much. She is the big responsible sister I always needed. Thank you God for putting her in my life. 

- What about Charlie Sheen!? I can't say I'm surprised because when you live that kind of risky lifestyle with porn stars and drugs bad things can and normally will happen. I bet the girls hes been with is going to sue the pants off him. 

- I took my planner with me while we traveled but I just didn't have the time to work in it. I will be working on figuring out this week later tonight. I can't seem to accomplish near as much without a simple but efficient plan. 

- My sister in law sent me a package last Wednesday with 2nd day air and it just came in today. And this is UPS. My sister in law was furious and there was just nothing they could do to find the package...I guess it at least arrived but what a bunch of crap. 

- To the girl fighting in the comments on one of my videos...I decide what goes into them. I decide what to share. I had to delete some of your nasty comments because I won't let anyone push around my wonderful online friends. You can have an opinion but when you start to bully people...your done. I don't give get out of jail cards. I can block you from this blog and I can block you from commenting on any video on youtube. Please be kind. 

- It's been a long few days. We are all tired and ready for some relaxation and a good nights sleep. 

- Have I mentioned how much I love Adele? I do. And I can't wait for that new CD of her's to come out. I am tired of waiting. 

- It's been hard trying to get this blog of mine the way I want it. I just want to change it up all the time! Hopefully you guys don't mind the design now! 

- Scott worked late and came home grumpy. We just finished watching some tv and he went right up to bed. I am sure the trip is just catching up with him. 

- I'm still a little sick and it totally sucks. I don't know why the flu had to be so hard on my family this year. I feel like a big idiot for not getting flu shots fast enough. I just want to feel 100% and I am sure everyone else in our home feels the same way. My throat has been hurting all day....not good.

- This newlywed couple seemed to have the right idea to me! Gosh...I kinda wish at times I would have planned out my 20's out better. It depresses me how much time I wasted. But I guess the lessons in life come from the trials and tribulations one has. 

- I have been a long time supporter of our President. I really have but I am not so sure. I think he is sticking to his unloaded guns and I just want the terrorist blown up. I don't want to be scared to take my family to the movies or a game. Seriously we should find a country house and stay out of the public as much of possible. I just don't feel safe anymore. When people are willing to strap a bomb to themselves for their crazy cause, there's not much one can do. But I still say blow them off the map. 

- I have been wanting to try windows 10 again but the way it stores photos and videos crashes my computer. If I do the upgrade - again - I will have to be on the phone forever with them trying to switch it. However, it could possible that doesn't work with the way it's designed. It's so exhausting. 

- I seriously need to stay out of the brownies. No amount of walking on the treadmill will help if I can't curb my sweet tooth. 

- The messages have been flowing in re Zane. It means the world to us to have such loving friends. It's been a long road but we are very happy he is here with us. Please understand though, none of the kids have to be on camera. It's their choice and they think it's cool most of the time. But I try to not show them very much because they are still kids. Our oldest daughter actually has her own youtube channel and blog herself! :) My mom and sister in law also have blogs! We are new age family I guess who loves to share! 

- Last night I took a shower and in just a few minutes I am going to head upstairs and enjoy a long hot bath. I've been dreaming of it for hours. 

I hope you guys had a great day. I am going to get up tomorrow, do some cleaning and try to get a video filmed. If you are new here, I hope you get subscribed! 


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