Sunday Night Thoughts...

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hello friends. It's been a while huh!? It's been a long week of being sick. I thought I would get back on here and say hi.. Here are some of my foggy headed thoughts. Hope you enjoy!

* This cold has totally kicked my butt. For days on end I have laid on the couch or in the bed thinking I was about to die. It's been hard. You don't really get sick days when your a mom. I still have a family to take care of. 

* I could watch and play with Romeo for hours on end and never be satisfied! He's the perfect kitty cat and I just can't put into words how much I love him.

* Scott and I went to the grocery store today and it was kinda like a mini vacation. I couldn't believe he actually wanted to go. We ended up spending more money than expected!

* I have a ton of things to catch up on around the house. Thankfully it's not in that bad of shape but it still needs some of my time. I wish the house could figure out a way to clean itself. 

* I broke a new plate tonight putting it in the dishwasher. I felt so sad picking up all the broken pieces. Guess it's time to order another set. It's just a plate though and things get broken all the time. 

* I didn't break out my planner once last week. Nope. That can't happen again this next week. Too much going on and to much to do. 

* I seriously have the best best friend a girl could ask for. Shanna is inspiring, uplifting and honest. She she has something not so positive to tell me she says it in a way that is never offending or hurtful. She always makes me feel better. 

* I got through 6 seasons of the good wife while I was dying on the couch. I am caught up and tonight I can actually watch it when it comes on. I'm totally hooked. 

* I want to move home more than ever right now. I miss my family and friends. I was actually trying to talk Scott into it for December of this year. He thinks I'm nuts but thinks we need to wait till summer. It sucks when I know hes right. 

* It's only a few weeks before my mom and sister will be here for Thanksgiving. I can't believe how fast time is going by. Christmas will be here before we know it. We also have a road trip in just a few days too. This is a busy month for sure!

* Scott went to bed at 8pm tonight. The colder temperatures and early mornings and long work days take a lot out of him. 

* Jackson's little hedgehog is as cute as ever. He's finally getting use to us and it's funny watching him run through the house while the cats are chasing him! I can even pick up the prickly little monster now! 

* I feel like I need a haircut and then on other days I feel like I should grow it out again. Not sure. 

* I was talking to my sister in law yesterday and I truly felt in that moment I could have talked her into a vacation with me! Life is hard sometimes and it's the family and friends who helps us get through it. If you can't be there for someone when they need you....there is no sense in being around at all. 

* I haven't told anyone yet, but Scott switched dealerships. I'm not sure how I feel about it but I try to leave his job decisions up to him. I don't have to be there so I understand his need to move to a better position. He's trying to take care of us. 

* Our kitty cat Gabby actually got into a fight and bit our other cat Willow over a pillow. No joke. Gabby wanted Willow off her pillow and she kicked her butt to take it back! I guess there is nothing like a soft spot to sleep. 

* I'm sorry I haven't answered emails or comments. I had plans of a big comeback last week and then I get knocked off my feet with a terrible flu bug. I just don't have it together yet but I promise I am trying. 

* Why do kids hate to brush their teeth? I don't get it. I buy the fun tasty tooth paste for them and it's still a fight. 

* I haven't been on the treadmill in weeks. Gotta start that back up. I am going to strap on the fitbit again tomorrow and try to get my 10k steps in. It's been so hard while I have been busy and then sick but I am ready to get back at it. Wish me luck. If you want to follow along you can find me using my email. →

* I have an important meeting here at the house Tuesday afternoon. No matter what...I have to clear the decks and get rid of all the germs in here otherwise I bet our guest will walk out with the flu. Time to break out the antibacterial cleaners.

* We didn't have the heat on last night and this morning when Scott and I woke up ( and yes we slept together..ha! ) the house was 64. It felt good while under the covers but it was freezing when we finally got up! The heat is on tonight! 

* I thought I broke my ribs again yesterday coughing so badly. I actually have to hold my left side because the coughs are so violent. I broke 3 ribs little over a year ago on that side and this cold hasn't helped. It's still very tender and sore sometimes and who would have thought a cough would bring that pain right back up. 

* I was trying to untangle my thoughts and feelings about youtube. Part of me wants to end it. Don't get me wrong....I love my subscribers so much but I hate the negative aspects of it. I hate being lied about. I hate being judged. That best friend of mine just wasn't going to take my excuses. I question if the videos are helpful, fun or inspiring. But just as she reminded's something I love and I should continue. She wants daily vlogs though!! Maybe we will try that for December! 

* I need a long hot bath....and that's coming up next! I hope you had a great week. I doubt I will have a week in review up tomorrow because there just wasn't a ton to share but I'll have a new video up! 

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  1. I sure hope you feel better soon, Enjoy what rest you can get


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