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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hello friends! I hope your Sunday night is going well.  I am back here tonight sharing our most recent What's Cookin' videos where I share our daily meals with you vlog style. I know many of you love these videos and most nights, I try to share some of the cooking process. It's doesn't have to be perfect every night. Like I tell our oldest daughter, just try your best and serve it up! :) Hope you enjoy! 

Also, it just so happened that last week, I forgot to share this video. Yep...sometimes it happens. That's why you should get subscribed to my youtube channel! :) Anyway, more dinner inspiration for ya. 

Around here it's been a peaceful kind of day. I have been listening to the wind whip through the trees, grass, through the back sliding glass door airing the house out. It's nice actually. However, many here in the Carolina's are not so lucky. We are getting less rain tonight but who knows if it's going to start back up or not. I'll see ya tomorrow with a new week in review post and vlog! Have a great night. xx
K Jaggers 
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