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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are doing well today. I thought since we are at the beginning of a new month, I'd share a reflecting and looking back video and blog post. I love doing these videos because I have a bunch of new subscribers whom are not familiar with all my past videos, I enjoy looking back and reflecting and I hope you enjoy it too! I am going to continue to include this very in depth blog post with this video from here on out.  Here's the video and the rest is below. :)

So with this new monthly video, I am including the reflections blog post. I use to do these on their own with no video but I thought they really compliment each other. :) However before we get into are the links to the videos I mentioned above:

Seeing: The wind whip the trees back and forth. That big storm is coming and coming fast. 
Making: Homemade Christmas gifts.....already!  
Cooking: Lighter healither dinners. I'm trying to eat a better diet and really think about the food I buy and stock our home with. 
Drinking: NO SODA! Mostly water but coffee and tea too! 
Reading: The October issue of Martha Stewart Magazine. 
Hearing: Scott ramble on. He's on speaker phone and to be honest, I don't have the patience to listen. 
Wanting: My Inkwell Press Planner to come in the mail! 
Looking: the treadmill a lot being it sits right in the middle of the living room. Talk about a motivator! 
Playing: with Cooper in between rain storms! 
Wasting: time when I worry about others think. 
Bookmarking: Hedgehog Breeders. Trying to find one right when I want to pick it up has proved to be a little more difficult than I expected. I'm not giving up though! 
Understanding: that patience is not always something we have...but instead something we have to work on over time. 
Wishing: upon the stars that my kids will grow up into happy healthy adults who live long lives. I want to be here to see it...and know that no matter what, they will be ok. 
Touching: my legs and feet a lot more with creams to help the muscle aches. 
my loveEnjoying: The rain and cooler weather. It's made it much more comfortable in the house with the windows and doors open. Plus I love saving money on the electric bill. 
Waiting: On Jordan to call and actually talk. So much time has passed which is sad since we all are on borrowed time. None of us know when it's going to be over either. 
Planning: on hopefully having family here on Thanksgiving! :) Yea! I am pretty sure my mom and Don are coming and when I asked my sister if she could come her response was " I don't see why not since I am the one who makes the schedules!" 
Liking: All the new fall shows that have come back on! I totally missed Grays Anatomy and Scandal!  
Wondering: if Brittany Belle will enjoy her Washington trip as I much as I did. I hope she takes it all in and loves every minute while her father and I worry non stop until she is back home safe and sound. 
Loving: My fitbit. It's so motivating and I really enjoy seeing how far along I am in the day. 
Hoping: Tonight goes well at our nice dinner for the March of Dimes. Also hoping to maybe see a old friend tonight too. 
Hating: Nothing...No one...Nothing. 
Needing: More hours in the day. 
Smelling: The fresh brewed coffee. I might be off coke but I am not giving up my coffee! :)
Wearing: A ton of yoga pants and workout clothes. It's just easier when I am working out on and off through out the they are super comfortable! However, tonight I am wearing a pretty dress!
Pinning: Mostly my own videos. Trying to catch up with pinterest. I need to post so many recent videos still. 
Learning: how to work out. It's nothing that comes to me naturally and I have to really work at it and try but so far so good! 
Teaching:  Jackson how to be more efficient with his time, better manners and better eating habits. It's a lot but we are trying to mature him up a little. 
Noticing: The more I walk, the easier it is. I made it 4 miles straight yesterday which is a total improvement! 
Tasting: Lots of goodies tonight...hopefully!
Knowing: that putting my trust in God is all I have to do. I know I don't have to worry about the future....I will be lead down the right path. 
Thinking: Of all the things I want to get done today. My to do list is huge and I have to be ready to walk out the door around 5:30. Yikes! The clock is ticking!
Opening: A new package of stickers from Etsy! 
Giggling: At the ladies on The View. I think Michelle Collins is sooooo funny! 
Feeling: A little sore but over all I am very proud of myself for working so hard and getting in over 5 miles a day. 
September: What a month. I finally got up off my ass and started making the changes that I have needed to make for a while. I am exercising, eat better and totally off soft drinks. It was a healthy month of sorts!

Feel free to join in and answer the questions yourself if you are a blogger! I would love to read your answers....leave a link in the comments so I can come visit. Have a great day! xx

K Jaggers
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