DITL VLOG('s): Week in Review September 28 - October 5, 2015 w/ To Do's

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. As many of you know... I post a week in review recapping what happened over the week & weekend. Its something that I have been doing off and on for years. Its just a simple way to give you guys a glimpse into our week. I have changed up the vlogging schedule where I will be uploading a Day in the life vlog Monday...as always and then another on Thursday. Monday's vlog will cover Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the previous week and Thursdays vlog will be for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So here is the most recent day in the life vlog from this past weekend. Hope you enjoy!

And here is the day in the life vlog from the beginning of the week! I have already posted this but I like to share it again in the week in review post because both vlogs were from the same week.

This Past Week:

This weekend was all about the weather here in South Carolina. Well...many other areas besides our state but we have been dealing with a ton of high winds and rain. It's just has not stopped. I am sure there are a ton more leaves that have fallen off too with the weather we are having. I'm really not complaining though. After seeing all the destruction the water has caused our state, I feel grateful to have a warm safe house to ride out the storm in. We are not floating down the road or being evacuated and I am truly grateful for that alone. I hate it for all the outside animals but most are probably hiding out until this is over. It's even been hard for me to sleep with those winds. It's really loud in the dead of the night. However, today the sun is shinning and hopefully trying to dry it up some. 

During the beginning of the week, we went out for a fun date night at a fundraiser for the March of Dimes. It was a chance to get dressed up a little and have a fun dinner while supporting a great cause. I choose to not wear super high heels because of all the walking and running I had been doing. It was a wise choice since we had to do a lot of walking. It was fun and Scott and I had a great time. We got home before 10pm but we were both so tired that we pretty much fell right into the beds and went to sleep. I guess we are getting old or something but it just wore us out! 
It could have been all the tasty food. Even though I have been watching what I eat, I decided that all day leading up to the dinner, I would eat very little so I could indulge and try all the yummy foods that the chefs were offering. Pretty much a lot of really good chefs from the local restaurants sets up booths around the ball room and you go booth to booth getting their food to try. It was mostly appetizer sizes but so much was delicious! I even had a mini cupcake and didn't feel bad about it at all! :)

There just wasn't a ton of things going on this past week. I didn't even take a ton of pictures. Kinda weird huh? I posted some to instagram but it was rather a calm week and I think I was just focusing on other things. Like working out! :) It's really not easy for me to do it either. I am someone who has never worked out, or dieted or anything like that. But I am still doing really good with my weekly goals. I figured out a better routine where I walk my 5 miles Monday - Friday and then on Saturday I workout only if I truly want to and Sunday is my off day. I really felt like my legs and feet have been through enough with all the walking that weekends needed to be easier and also I needed a resting day. I felt like having Sunday to rest my muscles to recharge me for the next week. 

Also right now in our family one of our girls, Brittany Belle is in Washington with her 8th grade class. I was a little a lot worried about her being so far away not only from me but her father also. But thanks to the new technology, I have been doing a great job of keeping up with her. It's hard letting your kids go so far away from home when they are so young. I know 14 is not a baby but it still worries me and I will be super happy when I know she made it back home without any problems or issues. So far so good! She is doing great and enjoying seeing the capital for the 1st time. I also love that they understand the kids are away from home and don't mind us parents calling numerous times a day to check in. 

Here's my progress from last week: You can click on the picture to enlarge it. 

It hasn't been easy. Working out is not suppose to be easy or a beauty pageant. I look like a crazy person after a long workout but that really doesn't matter. I am doing it at home and even if I was out and about either walking or at a gym, I wouldn't really care. It's suppose to be hard. Each day I feel like I am getting a little stronger than the previous day. I am learning to push myself, learn my body and make the changes in the kitchen too. It's a process and really it's a life style change. And it's all about baby steps! If you want to follow along on fitbit, you can totally friend me using my email. → mrskishajaggers@gmail.com ←.  I plan on posting a fitness and health update on Saturday with a lot more information in case you are interested. 

Today is our oldest daughter's birthday! Laura is such a sweetheart and she is a wonderful mom who is just trying to find her way in this big world. She and her husband Jerred were in a wedding over the weekend and both looked so sweet together. It's hard though because she has a houseful of babies and everyday is a new adventure in their house. We are so proud of her. Happy Birthday Laura! We love you. If you haven't checked out her blog and/or videos click here to visit her blog! 

To Do's:
- Be more understanding
- Check on the girls....Brittany is in Washington DC and it's Laura's Birthday!!
- Work out all week long...break on the weekends 
- Paint nails
- Pre Record some videos for this week.
- Still need to figure out snap chat. I just don't get it. 
- Look for houses in Indiana. Yep..I think we have made the decision. But it will probably be after the first of the year before we move. No matter what though...we are out of this house even if we change our mind and stay here.
- Stay awake until prayers are done...not so easy. 
- Look for some more healthy dinner ideas.
- Groom one cat a day until the job is done. 
- Send mom links that I think she would like to see. 
- Start working on Jacksons Birthday gift. 
- Menu Plan
- Draw some pretty fall artwork on the chalkboard wall. 
- Get to bed earlier
- Clean up files on laptop
- Continue to drink water...NO SODAS! 

Here's some inspiration to take with you through the week! 

I hope you guys are having a great day. I am about to getting in a long hard workout in. I really just want it over and out of the way so I can go on with more things I need to get done today. I actually was pretty tired and slept in later than expected thanks to Scott taking Jackson to school. I am hoping and praying that extra hour in the bed, will give me all the energy I need! Thank you guys for stopping by. I would love to hear from you if you have any thoughts on anything you saw in either vlog! I have been running behind with answering comments and emails but I am slowly trying to catch up. Just know I read EVERY comment that comes in and I am so grateful to have such fun, smart, amazing subscribers. Happy Monday! :) 

K Jaggers
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