Aldi Food Shopping Haul & Menu Plan

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday to you all. For today's video I thought I would share my 2nd ever trip to Aldi's. I am shocked because I feel like I got a lot for how much I spent. Idk for sure because I don't really do price books but I think we came out pretty good. If you want an idea of the meals we will be having this week, plus the groceries we got, enjoy the video! :)

I think I will start doing some mini reviews on some of the products I have found at Aldi's.  I know that many of you have been shopping at Aldi's for a while but it's still pretty new to me. :) I didn't need a ton of produce this trip but I last time I loaded up and it all tasted great! If you have favorites from Aldi's I would love to hear what they are! 

I hope your afternoon is going well. I am busy around the house trying to get things cleaned up and organized....which never lasts for long! :) xx

K Jaggers

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