Week in Review w/ DITL Vlog September 7-14, 2015 & Weekly To Do's

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. As many of you know... I post a week in review recapping what happened over the week & weekend. Its something that I have been doing off and on for years. Its just a simple way to give you guys a glimpse into our week. I have changed up the vlogging schedule where I will be uploading a Day in the life vlog Monday...as always and then another on Thursday. However this week, I am only sharing one vlog. Hope you enjoy!

This past week:

I started the week off stocking up the house and getting the things we needed both food and household items. I wish I could get it all at the same time but the animals we have and all the other larger items tend to take up so much space in the cart. So most of the time I do two separate shopping trips just to make it easier on myself. If you haven't already checked out the food haul...it's right here. I also posted a household shopping haul too that you can watch here if you missed it. While I was browsing around my local grocery store, I was taken back by the beauty of the Orchid display. Such beautiful bright colors and they are all bloomed out. Simply beautiful and I almost bought a few. However, the flower petals do fall off, and I have never gotten them to regrow so I might just have to go for the fake orchids instead. But there is no denying the beauty. 

Scott was off work on Tuesday and we really had a great time. Scott wanted to surprise me with a couples massage and dinner for our date night. I was in total shock but really happy. We signed up for the 1.5 hour couples massage and for the first half we laid their in our relaxing room getting all the knots and kinks worked out of necks and backs and then they just worked their way around our bodies ( keeping private areas private ) and finished with scalp massages. It felt so amazing. 

We decided to go to dinner after and ate at TGI Fridays. Let me just tell you that I was impressed with my flank steak dinner. It tasted so good. Also the ahi tuna with the guacamole was delicious as well. It was an amazing night and it was nice not having the kids there. We got to enjoy the night together and guess what we did when we got home? Fell right to sleep! Those massages were just what we needed! 

The next day we were back to real life. Jackson was at school, Scott was back to work and I was busy taking Cooper to the Vet. He's going to be 9 in December and he's starting to act like he's in pain and not feeling good. We keep trying but I think old age is starting to set in and it's worrying us. He had an issue with his leg I thought but once we got in to actually see Coopers Dr. we found out he has no range of motion past his elbow. She said it's not uncommon for Goldens to get Cancer in their front legs but most of the time it's only one leg opposed to both. And both of Cooper's legs look different in a way and his hair is changing colors too just in those areas. Strange I know. But the color change is from the licking. She made us walk around and she said his gate is a mess. He looks like he is starting to have some hip problems. She said he doesn't walk right, he does lay right, he doesn't shake right and she thinks it's arthritis. It's sad to see him not feeling good. He's gained 10lbs and weighs in at 108 now and that is only making matters worse. So he is completely off all can dog food...grain free dry only with some green-beans and veggies. However, he doesn't like vegetables much at all except sweet potato. That alone should bring down the grocery bill but he's not happy with his new diet. 

 I also bought him a new bed | Snoozer Super Orthopedic Lounger | from Petco.  It was pretty expensive but maybe he will lay on it and give his hips a break. If so, I will just have to buy another for the 2nd floor. I figured for a few weeks, we could tote it up and down the stairs at bedtime and in the morning. I ordered it online and hoping it will arrive this week. In additon to the meds the Vet gave us, we put him on some senior vitamins and also some hip/joint pills that will hopefully help. We are trying. We wish all of our animals could live forever. Cooper is a huge part of our family and we will do everything we can for him. We are addressing the weight first and addressing the pain and then in a few months we will do a big workup with blood work and xrays and see what we can do for him. It's been hard.

Over the weekend, we enjoyed a lot of lazy time just resting. Letting our bodies and minds rest from a busy week. Jackson totally loved being home and snuggled up in bed. Early mornings suck so Saturday and Sunday we sleep in when we can! It rained a lot and just made the perfect weather drink coffee and tea and cozy up.

Sunday Scott decided he wanted us to go to Willy Tacos so that's exactly what we did. He had ate lunch there a few times but I had not been....nor had Jackson. But let me tell you....it was sooooooooooo good! We totally loved it. I think it might just have the best fried green tomatoes around. It was a great dinner. However, the little energy the boys had was used up and by 9:00pm both Jackson and Scott were sound asleep. I couldn't believe it. The house was so quiet. I didn't really want to clean and be loud so I took some time to road-map my week out in my planner. I use the Inkwell Press Planner and guess what!? Tomorrow ( September 15, 2015 ) they launch their 2016 planners and products. I am so excited! However, this is the one I started the year in and this is the one I will finish the year. I tried planning with my Erin Condren but honestly the paper quaility doesn't hold a candle to Inkwell Press. It's made all the difference to me. And once you use it, it's hard to go back to anything else. 

However, I do use a lot of the EC planner stickers and they work great in my planner. I don't think stickers are super important. In fact, you can have a planner with no stickers as long as it works for you. Since I am in mine so much, I like to add a little color and it's fun decorating it. By time the week is done, this will be filled up and hopefully I can make a planning video for you guys the following week. Plus I got that new tripod extension that I shared with you in the vlog above! Hopefully it will help make things easier to film. :)

Weekly To Do's:

:: Run by Jackson's Dr. Office → Today.
:: Have less soft drinks and more water this week. Wish me luck!
:: Paint nails
:: Brush out Cooper
:: Fix up Jackson's white board....changes are coming.
::Clean up DVR's
::File papers away and work in home keeping book. 
:: Run not walk more on the treadmill....regardless of how much it hurts. 
:: Start getting out the fall decorations. 
:: Figure out if the Y membership is worth it again and possibly start it back up. 
:: Update chalkboard wall with this upcoming dinners. 
:: Take Cooper swimming on warmer days at lake. 
:: Fill up bird-feeder. 
:: Answer emails and comments. 
:: Replace burnt out light-bulbs. 
:: Figure out Thanksgiving Inventions. Get them made and printed up.  
:: Sweep of porches. 
:: Find paint for the bathroom. Scott said he would do it but I refuse to sink much money into it. Still wanting to move. 
:: Sort Socks
:: Figure out more about snapchat. 
:: Plan trip to local library plus work on book review. 
:: Dye Hair to cover up the grays. 
:: Quick pick up of the pantry. 
:: Buy mums for front porch. 
:: Flip all the mattresses. 

Here's some inspiration to take with you through the week:

Thank you so much for stopping by. I plan on keeping busy with things around the house for a few hours and then I am going to run errands. I hope your weekend was great and I hope this week is even better. Feel free to let me know how things are going in your neck of the woods. :) Also, I think since the vlogs are getting so long, I will go back to the vlog 2x a week. So Thursday their will be another. Happy Monday! 

K Jaggers
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