Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great day. Here is another edition of Tuesday Talks & Truths. Hope you enjoy!

- Our air conditioning is acting crazy again on the 2nd floor. Yesterday it was registering over 100 degrees up there. Last night in the coolest of part of the day, it was registering 85. Hopefully the guy will be here soon to look at it. We bought more fans just to get through it and Scott couldn't handle it and slept downstairs where it is so much cooler. What a night. 

- I have felt a little lost with my videos on youtube. But I don't think I am quitting but maybe slowing down a little instead. But who knows. I actually have a food haul coming up later today. It's long over due according to the boys. 

- Scott is off work today....hummmm....I wonder if I can get him to go grocery shopping with me. Ha! Betting not. 

- The lion killer made it back to work today. He said he would have never killed the lion if he knew it had a name. Does that satisfy you? Me not so much. I think it's all ego based killing such beautiful animals and I think it should be criminal. Him sitting in a South African jail sounds about right to me. Not forever but I would settle on how much longer the lion would have likely lived and make that his sentence. But that's just me. No dentists were harmed in him going back to work. Unlike Cecil.

- 2015 has been a harder year on our family. I won't get into details but it's been a hell of a year and I think we all just need a break. I hope God is hearing our prayers. 

- I found a house I like but Scott says it's too far away. Maybe I should just make the move up north and be done with it. We are actually trying to get some personal things done here first so who knows. 

- I need to clean out the frig before I go shopping. Yuck. 

- I woke up and got right on the treadmill this morning. I hate feeling dizzy afterwards but I think it is helping by waking up my muscles so I don't hurt as much during the day. I think that bad accident in 2000 is finally showing back up in the aches and pains. :(

- My little Jackson figured out the passcode to take the restrictions off his phone and xbox. He's in trouble to say the least and I bet he won't break the code this time. Teenagers. 

- The clerk in court has filed for an appeal. I guess she wants out but if she can't do her job and sign those marriage licensees then maybe she should stay there. She works for Kentucky....and if she can't do it, then she should resign. I also don't think some goofy Republicans going and seeing her means anything. She's been married 4 times. What a hypocrite. I think she is doing this for the attention more than anything. → Breaking News ← She's being released. Wonder how she is going to continue to do her job. It's going to be interesting. 

- It looks like it's about to rain. Please let it rain.....it might just cool things down a bit. 

- Super Cooper had such an amazing time at the state park. We are going to have to take him swimming more often. 

- I need to menu plan and write out my grocery list. Still so much to do before I ever get to that store. 

- I really need to clean up and organize the 2nd floor hallway closet. I have no idea how it got so messy so fast. 

- The new season of The View was back on today. People say that ship has already sank but I did enjoy Joy Beher being back on today. However, they seem to have wayyyy to many hosts. Not sure what is going on there but whatever. We'll see what happens. I am just happy a few shows back on for a new season. 

- Scott is binging and banging upstairs so much right now. What is he doing? I don't even want to go find out. 

- Damon Wayans has to be one of the biggest idiots of all time. He said those woman who said Cosby raped them were unrapeable. WTF? I'll never watch anything he's in again. Never. He wasn't even that funny anyway. 

- I think we are hosting Thanksgiving this year. Any family reading are welcome to come. ♥

- Donald Trump is soaring ahead of everyone again. He might just be our next President folks. I am not sure how I feel about him but for some reason....I enjoy watching and listening to him. 

I hope you guys are having a great day! I should be back this evening with a new food haul. Be sure to come back and check it out. 

K Jaggers

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