Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hello friends. Welcome back to another edition of Tuesday Truths where I kinda let myself be a little more snarky! Hope you enjoy. 

- I have been soda | Mt. Dew | free for 5 days now! I can't believe it. I don't miss it a lot yet but I am not going back to it. Next time I take a sip, I want to hate it and find it disgusting. I am sure my body will be in some kind of sugar crack high happy to be reunited with it's old friend but it's simply not going to happen. However, I have been living on a lot of coffee. O-well....at least it's not soda. 

- The past couple of days I have felt pretty rough. Gosh...I need to feel better ASAP. 

- We have been getting fall showers for days. I don't really mind if the power doesn't go out but keeping the carpet clean from muddy feet and Super Coopers muddy paws. 

- I seriously need to get to the grocery store in the next hour or so. What joy. I think a nap sounds better. 

- Dear Jabba, I am so sorry for your awful owners. I am trying to not judge them but tossing you from a car was so terrible. I hope you rest in peace and I hope they have to pay for what they did. I would have totally adopted you. ♥

- Scott is working today which sucks but it's becoming more the norm than not to work on his scheduled off days. I wish he would find another job with less hours. 

- I saw a poll that said if Hilary and Trump went head to head today, SHE WOULD WIN. Interesting huh? By 10 points. 

cute-dog-running-on-a-treadmil--in-a-bear-costume- I have been walking my ass off on the treadmill getting in 5 miles a day. It's a lot. And it takes some time to get all that in. I didn't feel like it yesterday but I managed to push on and get it done. I felt like I was doing exactly what this cute dog/bear → is doing. Walk and slide. Walk and slide. Walk and slide. To be honest, I don't feel like doing it today either but I don't want to disappoint myself. But even if I was only to get 3 miles in instead of 5 that is still progress. Right? Right. It's hard to do on days you really don't feel good. 

- Jackson has been so negative here lately. He's a little Debbie Downer to say the least. I think he is trying to make us miserable because he is grounded. If he would have made better grades, he wouldn't be in this position. He can do it...He has done it...and when he chooses the behavior and choices, he chooses the consequences. 

- I have officially joined The Planner Addict Box team! Yep they hired me and I couldn't be more happy about it! They reached out to many of us planner ladies who love their boxes and brought us on board with the company. How amazing is that!? I won't discuss pay and all that but I will tell you that OUR :) Planning Boxes are amazing with a ton of products. You can see my videos right here and if you are interested you can sign up for $15 a month to get this very cool box. It's totally been one of my favorites. I had looked for a long time for a monthly planning box and I found this company in the beginning of building their business and have loved it every since. I was honored to be choose to work for them. See...planning really does lead to great opportunities sometimes! Break out those planners and organize your life..in style! BTW...you can meet all the other ladies who recently joined the team by visiting and following me on instagram. They are all linked on the picture. You check out their accounts because they have some amazing planner pictures. :) And while you are there, you can check out The Planner Addict Box too! 

- I made some sweet tea last night for Scott and it tastes awful to me. Not sure why. Maybe it's the sugar or maybe it's the tea. I might buy some pre made stuff today to see if that tastes better or not. Maybe giving up a lot of the sugar has changed my taste buds. We'll see. 

- The job our oldest daughter started last week decided today that they are closing her location. It's kinda sad but I have a ton of faith that she will find another very soon. She is motivated and I know she will move on to better things. 

- I found a house I like. It's too far away Scott says. :(  I still don't know if I should just pull the plug and move up north to where the kids are or find a country house here. It's so confusing. If I find a house here....I am stuck here for at least one more year. Is it even worth it? Maybe it's time to just go home. And I never thought I would say those words though. I keep praying about it because it might not be the right decision. 

- One of our kids has drifted so far from our sights. I can't talk about it in detail but it is so painful to our family. We did nothing wrong, continue to try with zero results. It's beyond our control at this point and there is only one person to blame. I forgive her but that doesn't change the fact that because of her actions many people have been deeply hurt. It's beyond sad. And I feel lost in the entire situation. We love all of our children with all of our hearts and right now we are just hoping for something good to happen. 

- I wonder where people who work outside the house, get 2 hour workouts in. It feels next to impossible for me on busy days. I was walking at 11pm the other night to get it all in. I need more hours in the day. Gotta figure out a new schedule. 

- I know I have been complaining all summer about nothing being on tv. Well now there seems to be too many of the shows I enjoy on and they do take up some time. I guess I will just walk and watch. 

- I woke up with a ear ache and not sure why. I hate it too. Maybe I should put some cotton or something in my ear. Does that even truly help. Hum??

- I want you guys to know that I have been kicked around, lied about, and bothered online for years. It's nothing new. I have kinda gotten use to it and it's toughened me up. HOWEVER, I don't do this for the people who hate me or lie about me. I have never ever not been supportive to someone in the blog or youtube community. I have always supported other woman, family and friends who blog or make videos. I do this for the people who support me, support our family. Your sweet comments touch us every time. And your advice though the years has helped us in some of our hardest times. I love you guys. 

I hope you have a wonderful day. I will be back this evening with a new video....I promise I won't forget! xx

K Jaggers
3 comments on "Tuesday Truths"
  1. Love, love, love your blog Kisha! Thinking about getting into this planner craze! I will definitely check out your monthly box. ~Joanne

  2. Love, love, love your blog Kisha! Thinking about getting into this planner craze! I will definitely check out your monthly box. ~Joanne

  3. I am proud of you for all that you have accomplished this far. I know that it isn't easy and years of behavior is hard to change overnight. Don't beat yourself up if you don't accomplish your 5 miles in one day. If you are accomplishing any of it then you are achieving your goal still. Remember to do nothing is bad but to do something is always good.

    As for how people who work fit in 2 hrs of workout...well I am still trying to figure out how to fit any of it in during the day. I did sign up for Planet Fitness today with a co-worker and we are going on our lunch break and hold each other accountable.

    The results in the end will show. You should definitely do a before and after picture with weekly check in's.

    Love you bunches and hope you get to feeling better soon. I will call you later. hugs.


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