Tuesday Truths:

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hello friends. It's been a long day but I thought I would take a little time to get some snarky thoughts out of my head! Hope you enjoy! 

- I have to be honest, I have totally been loving the back and forth between Donald Trump and Bill O'Riley. It's great that the Donald is boycotting Fox news. Ha! I feel totally the same for different reasons of course. 

- Have I mentioned I have a wonderful sister in law? She totally helped me out today in a couple of ways including giving me a ton of helpful tips about my new fitbit. 

- Our golden retriever is on a bunch vitamins and meds. It's kinda nuts but we are trying to make him comfortable and extend his life as long as we can. I am still very confused about putting down an animal. We are no where near that point, but I don't like the idea of playing God but I don't like knowing a animal is suffering either.

- For some reason the days have been going by super fast. I am not use to it even when I am getting up early. I feel like all day I was playing catch - up. 

- There's a situation I feel that I have been treated wrong and basically wrongly accused. This person means nothing to me and is not in my family or anything but it's ok. I have broad shoulders and can totally handle it. I am not the best at sugar coating things and I don't pretend to be perfect but I work hard at being kind and constantly trying to improve myself. Sometimes people disappoint you. It's a fact of life. 

- Jackson has less and less time with tv and electronics. His grades are not the best and he seems to be getting so lazy. I think a lot of it is his age but I have been all over him trying to get him more organized and mature. He's totally a work in progress. But less electronics including tv is giving me some of the results I want. So hey...too bad for Jackson. If his grades were better, he would get more of what he wants. 

- I totally want to see Ride Along 2 . I love Kevin Hart. He makes me laugh so hard! I am not sure if he tops Kat Williams but he's a total favorite. :)

- Scott seems to be stressed out a lot over work right now. It's a hard industry he's in and he doesn't have a lot of down time. I think he needs a vacation. 

- I have been working out a little harder and a little longer the past few days. The treadmill and I have a love hate relationship but we have been spending more time together. My mom should be happy. Oh yea...got a new fitbit like I mentioned above to track things and help motivate me. Maybe I'll do a review in a few months. 

- I published a new planner haul on youtube tonight. I just didn't have time to get the blog post. Go here if you want a sneak peak!

- The touch pad on Scott's phone is not working and he is having himself a little fit over it. It will probably have to wait until tomorrow when the store opens or maybe he can dig up a old phone around here. I think it's silly to worry about a phone like he does. 

- My desk needs to be cleaned up. Anytime I am busy with bills, paperwork, products to review and so on the desk just gets so busy and messy. That's totally going on my to do list tomorrow.

- I hate laundry....have I mentioned that yet? Still got to fold another load before I go to sleep.

- The cats ate just a little while ago and they are using our house as a racetrack. I am on the 2nd floor and it sounds like the 4 of them are bringing the house down. And I think my family has got use to that noise which is nice for the speed kittys.

Well....sorry this is going up a little late. It's been a busy day! Hope your Wednesday went well. Feel free to let me know how you are doing! See ya tomorrow! xx

K Jaggers
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  1. Awww I Love You too. I can totally relate to Scott freaking out about his phone. His phone to him is like your laptop to you. Totally understandable. I went crazy on Sprint over my phone not working one time. They politely asked me to leave and not come back if that tells you anything....lol.

    Glad to hear you are doing better with exercising. I know it is hard and you won't get results over night but you will get results I promise.

    Trina @
    Walking My Own Path


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